This song looks at four different metaphors for Christ that are found in both the Old and New Testaments.

The lyrics:

Promise of Heaven

Promise of Heaven and star of the morning
Blinding our pride in the light of your rising
Burn through the shadow of death in our eyes
Parting darkness, restore our sight
Lead us from lives that are clouded and torn
Into the light of a world that has been reborn.

Promise of Heaven and vine everlasting
Sprung from an earth that was barren and wasting
Branch of a righteousness we could not grow
Bearing fruit to renew our souls
Source of all life, may our hearts find in you
Strength to grow outward, alive in your love and truth.

Promise of Heaven and Lamb to the slaughter
Holding the weight of the guilt of another
Silent in suffering, taking our pain
Spotless until our judgment came
Falling on you, innocent sacrifice
Washing our stains in your blood, we are brought to life.

Promise of Heaven and pure living water
Calling to drink from the wells of your Father
Wells of salvation fulfilling our thirst
Spring transforming in our new birth
Healing our emptiness, making us whole
Pour out your Spirit in grace that will overflow.

Scripture references: Num 24:17, 2Pe 1:19, Rev 22:16, Isa 11:1, Isa 53:2, Jhn 15:5, Isa 53:7, Jhn 1:29, 1Pe 1:19, Rev 7:14, Zec 14:8, Isa 12:3, Jhn 4:10, Jhn 4:14

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