Hello Everyone. Below is a discussion I started in the Worship LEADER group called Driving Vision ALL the Way Down. I thought it might also be helpful to the WTR community at large, so I wanted to share it as a blog as well.

Hey guys,

I know a while back I started a discussion called What is your vision? where I asked for people to share what their vision is for their team. Today I wanted to give a real life example of how answering this question and being able to communicate it to your team can help everyone on your team move in a united direction, and the power that can be found in that.

First let me start by saying that vision is simply the answer to the question, "what could and should be that is not right now?" Being in direct conversation with your pastor, or whoever is above you in leadership, is vital here. As a worship leader we want to take the vision of our church and be able to translate it and communicate it to our team in a way that helps everyone at every level see that what they do matters! If you want people that will commit, prepare, and work with their whole heart you have to make it so they realize to themselves, "what I do matters." Everyone wants to win! People who feel like they are not winning will be more likely to quit, especially when things in life get tough. Could you imagine a team of football players who had no idea what a win looked like? The chances of them sacrificing their time, their energy, and their bodies would be minimal. However, when a coach (the leader) can translate and communicate what a win looks like he can then have a unified group of players working hard and preparing to execute a game plan. The same is true of us as leaders and our team of musicians and technical workers. If we want a unified group of people to move in the same direction with all the passion and energy that they can find within themselves we MUST be able to clearly communicate vision!

Here's more of a practical, real life example that I am experiencing right now in my leadership role. I am currently the "Experience Honcho" at the 9.12 services (a student ministries event) at Grace. The mission of Grace is, " to honor God by reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ and teaching them to become fully devoted followers of Him." Now, I think that is a great vision and I am totally on board with it, but if I simply communicate that to my team of musicians I think that there would be a huge disconnect between what they are doing and how it ultimately helps Grace reach its goal. One of my jobs as their leader is to be able to translate and communicate that vision into more of an applicable way. So, here is the vision, the win, for every 9.12 musician....

As a team our primary goal is to inspire those in our audience to love God. We work toward creating an environment where people can express their passion and love for Him. We do this by striving for excellence in our performance, minimizing distractions (BE ATTRACTIVE), exemplifying a passionate love for God, and directing everyone's attention to Him (BE AUTHENTIC). As worship leaders (that's the whole team) we get the attention of everyone, and then direct it to God. Get the attention (BE ATTRACTIVE), direct the attention (BE AUTHENTIC).

This post is getting pretty long, so I won't go into detail right now as to how that translate to the mission of the church, but it does. I will share that in a future post, but the point here is that everyone on the team knows exactly what a win looks like. They know that if they prepare, practice, and perform with that vision in mind (BE ATTRACTIVE. BE AUTHENTIC) it will lead us to a unified win, inspiring people to love God. See, inspired people in love with God is where the vision moves toward the world, but again I'll share more about that later.

Hope this helps,

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