Discovering the Importance of Preparing to Worship

I couldn't decide whether to put this in a "blog" post or what, but felt that I did want to write something about it, somewhere. It's something I knew I should be doing in my head, but hadn't experienced the importance of until this Sunday.

I went to the church 30 mins prior to anyone else arriving for rehearsal and just started to worship. Mostly playing piano. Just worshipping and praying. After about 30 mins, it was crazy - it was like the Holy Spirit was showing up. The others started arriving and it didn't matter, I just kept playing, and nobody said too much (which was good, LOL). Then after another 10 mins or so, I was "done" and stopped to get plugged in, and nobody was talking too much, but everything just felt GOOD. We had a great rehearsal. We had a great service. It was less like "business as usual" and more like "worship" (gasp!).

I guess it really just hit home for me that I had been treating rehearsal like rehearsal, instead of like worship. Maybe it's like the progressions in the temple. Entering into the courts, then into the holy place, then into the most holy place. Worshipping before doing *anything* else (including visiting with each other) seemed to invite God into the place, you know? It's hard to describe, but I found myself thinking, "YEAH, i want MORE!" :)

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Comment by Vinod Cherian on March 1, 2010 at 11:13am
We have had this experience so many times during our practise and pre-service sound check. But i must add something here, and its very very important. I have seen a worship leader do this once and i have seen other members of the band do it more than once.

When the worship leader did it, it was different and everything just went right. When an acoustic guitarist was at it, it basically did not have any noticeable effect.

After reading your post, i was just reflecting back.

1. both were playing music.
2. one was on the keys and the other guitar.
3. both were singing.
4. WL was singing a worship song, guitarist was playing a praise song (i dont think it makes a difference, but am stating facts here).
5. WL after his song was done, was freely worshipping the LORD in tongues, and in free worship.
6. There was a marked difference (skill wise) in the two playings(although its important, i think its the least important part of all this).

To sum it, preparation is a must, and always at all times, GOD shows up not in the routine but in the things that we do out of our love and respect for him. As musicians, and worship leaders, it is in our music and words and songs we need to express this, and that is our calling, our GOD given responsibility. I always compare it to the way i communicate love with my family, my wife and my son. I love it when my 3 yr old just comes and hugs me for no reason. Its just an assurance for him and for me. no words spoken. Trust me in that hug more gets spoken than many many words.

The father just loves it. Of all GOD's creation, we have this unique previledge, and lets do it seriously.

Thanks Flute Punch, for sharing your heart.


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