Well I'm at the CIA music conference here in Down town Nashville, TN. Ok I'm a little excited and yet feel so out of place. I don't fit in with the musician mentality..I'm not seeking to make it big or to make it in the music bizz, I'm already serving the Lord full time with not just my music, but preaching and speaking as well.
But, I want to be open and hear whats going on in the CCM world (to be frank I don't care about the CCM world or its goals, its just not were my heart is.)
Tonight I'll share two songs. I'm a little nerves because I don't want to brag or show off nor do I want to be feeling inferior to play in front of musicians that can do it way better then me.
So Lord, give me a heart of a servant. Let me lift others higher then my self. Let me not be jealous of what you are doing in other peoples ministries. Just as you told Peter "Don't worry about John, you follow me", let me keep my eyes on you. And if i can be an encourager to anyone, then let me be your vessel.
Holy Spirit flow in and through me..hide me behind the Cross of Jesus, so thats all they see is Jesus!!
I can't offer life, forgiveness, healing..You can.
Thank you Lord for leading me here. Speak Lord. I'm listening.

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