When Moses stood on Mt. Sinai in Exodus Chapter 3, he saw a bush burning, but it wasn't being destroyed. He went in for a closer look and God began speaking to Him. God told him to take off his shoes because the place where he was standing was holy ground. The voice of God spoke through a burning bush. Moses was in the very presence of God. God had an assignment for him. He went up on that mountain a sheepherder, but came down a messenger to Pharaoh. Moses, although reluctantly, received an assignment he never had before. One of the reasons people praise God but don't worship Him is because if they engage in surrendered worship God might give them an assignment, as He did Moses. It might be something they've never done before; something, just like Moses, they don't feel qualified for. They might have to change. But when we have a personal experience with God that's exactly what happens; we won't be the same - ever. You can't be the same when you have a personal encounter with the living God. Something about you is going to change! Maybe He'll change your thinking; maybe He will deepen your perspective of Him; maybe He will give you a hunger for His Word. He may even give you love in your heart for people so that you can't treat people the way you used to. Change is difficult even if the change taking place is seen as a positive. Change means going in a new direction. That is one of the things that praise AND worship do for the believer - both take us in another direction if we are willing. Don't be afraid to get in God's presence - He might have something to tell you.

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