During yesterday’s discussion “What’s your biggest challenge in multicultural worship?” the topic of multigenerational worship came up. How do we add this to the already overwhelming topic of multicultural worship? Answer: baby steps, focused effort, and developing relationships.

My friend Sheryl of Oak Haven Church talked about how the older generation at her church prefers to sit down during worship. The younger generation, of course, would like to stand up. Can you see the problem here? If you have some people sitting and other people standing up, then some people won’t be able to see the lyrics up on the screen.

I feel like if we want to combine multigenerational worship with multicultural worship, then we need to develop relationships with people in the church. Again, we need to find out who makes up each generational culture in our church and learn everything we can about them.

For the last four years, at the church I attend, we’ve focused on five specific areas: Spanish, Hmong, Contemporary Christian Music, Traditional Christian Music, and Gospel. If we were to open up the categories to the generational aspect it would certainly open up a can of worms. Here’s how I see it would break down:

1. Children
2. Jr. High or Middle School
3. High School
4. College
5. Age 20’s
6. Age 30’s
7. Middle Age
8. Senior/Elderly

From my perspective it seems like you want to get a good grasp of one area before you dive into another one. Nothing will slow you down faster than divided efforts/focus. Multitasking actually slows you down and increases the chances that you’ll make a mistake that will offend someone. So, it’s not a skill to be admired.

With that said, you’re probably already singing/playing music that’s hitting home for certain generations. But you won’t be able to know for sure unless you DEVELOP THOSE RELATIONSHIPS.

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