Have you ever tried to carry many things at once and found yourself losing and grip?That’s what can happened when you try to carry the baggage of your past around with you.It unnecessarily weighs you down until your life and your busy schedule begin to slip through the fingers. Consider this; You can put that baggage and walk away.The choice is yours.

Leaving the negative elements of your past behind requires understanding and resolve. The baggage you’re carrying may be the result of your own misjudgements. Even though it’s not possible to undo mistakes you’ve made,you can refuse to let them control. Face your past mistakes honesty, learn from them, ask God to forgive you, forgive yourself, and move on.As you do so, God will help you walk confidently in the present and hopefully into the future.

The baggage you are carrying from your past is the result of actions of other people. You can’t control what others do, but you can choose how you react. When you choose to forgive and forget and when you choose to be happy, you shift that baggage to God’s hands and leave it there. Your life will immediately feel lighter and simpler.

God has a wonderful plan for your life, just like He did for me. He wants you to be free to pursue it with all your heart and soul. So while you’re simplifying, looking for ways to cut back, begin unloading cumbersome bundles you’ve been carrying. Free yourself from the past and find renewed strength and stamina.

One final thought:
You can lighten the load you are carrying in your life by leaving the baggage of your past in God’s hands.

BY: Jonahneil Sorongon Blanco

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