There was a child in a certain country and he got born again and with time God’s call grew so strong upon this now 14 year old about worship. He had an encounter with Jesus and the words that Jesus kept repeating to this young man were about worship, worship me’ Jesus said His words to the young man were all about worship. In the morning he started the biggest search of his life, he started with his school teacher, school dean, parents and even scheduled a meeting with the pastor on the weekend. At the end of it all he was not satisfied and one day sitting in the library he found an old brown tattered book at the back of the shelf and he started too read the book which started on page 14 and started to talk about words that are used in worship such a hallelujah, amen, maranatha, hosanna. When I found the story I just knew I had to share what that book spoke about and here it goes, it explained it word in detail and its origins.



Is a worship expression which means “Praise Ye Jehovah” or “Praise Jehovah”. In modern day setting it simply means Praise the Lord. It is considered the most joyful word of praise to God or it is a joyful expression of praise to God.

Hallelujah translated from Hebrew is made up of two words “Hallal” which is one of the Hebrew words for praise which means praise and then “Jah” which means Yahweh. It was adopted from the Latin as Alleluia.



A Hebrew word translated “verily” or sometimes translated to mean “so be it”. Amen is already in its original Hebrew form, it was derived from a root word “aman” meaning to be firm or solid in sense of permanency. So it means to be sure, true or faithful when you say Amen you are strongly affirming it to be.

Also the word “amen” so be it or truly in the New Testament. The Hebrew Amen means also to be faithful, support or confirm. It is used a s a way to agree or affirm and in the New Testament they use it to endorse prayer or praise



Meaning of it is that “save us please” or quoted as “save us we beseech thee, O Lord” Psalms 118:25. Hosanna is a prayer that can only be said to Jehovah. Used also on the Day of Jesus Triumphant entry into Jerusalem




Hebrew – Aramic word meaning alternatively “The Lord is coming soon” or “Lord come soon”



Is a song of honour to God, the Davidic poem psalm were sang with musical instruments and they were psalms that David sang which were to worship God.

Psalms are in different categories

  • Psalms of Praise Psalms 150
  • Psalms of Lamentation
  • Psalms of Deliverance
  • Psalms of Hallelujah Psalms 113, Psalms 135 or Psalms 146-150



Is a song or praise, a song of thanksgiving to God for example II Samuel 22   



Basically means “stop and think about this”

It is also related to a verb which means which means “to build up” raising voice or to crescendo of music, transposing o a higher tone or a musical interlude period of meditation or it may also mean change of voice or may also mean repeat.



One of the first songs t be sung in the bible is in Exodus 15 when it was sung by Moses. It was a song of deliverance

Types of songs

  • Spiritual Songs- songs with life, songs uttered from within us, it blesses God
  • Prophetic Songs – songs that originate from the prophetic realm
  • New Song –it’s a song sung in spontaneity, out of nowhere you  just sing for God a song unheard off
  • Songs of rejoicing
  • Songs of thanksgiving Nehemiah 12:46
  • Songs of praise Nehemiah 12:46, Psalms 136
  • Songs of deliverance Exodus 15


When I read the story of the young boy and read these ancient truth I was elated to share them with you and I pray that whoever you might be, may you encounter God in an amazing way like never before and see his hand literally touching and changing your life just like the young boy.

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