If you can this morning, pray for Tricia, Nate, and Gwyneth Rose

please take a moment this morning between 7-10AM EST to pray for Tricia and Nate.

I've never met them, though I feel like I know them...Nate blogs here: http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/ and Tricia here: http://65roses4pattysue.com/ and you can read their amazing story of God's grace, healing, and strength in their lives, along with their latest addition, Gwyneth :)

I "met" Nate on the WorshipTogether.com website, and his screen name there was IrateNate...now...we never figured out what that meant...was it "I rate Nate" , or some obscure latin verb conjugation "ee RAH tay", or perhaps it was a word jumble - or did Nate have an anger management problem, or was it just he was proverbially cranky? (joking !!!) He's been coy to this day about the true meaning of his screen name, so I guess it will always be a mystery...

His way of just laying things out on the line took me aback (a bit) at first - but then I got to recognize his dry sense of humor (at least online - if you look at the pix on his website, he looks like a totally goofy, loveable lug!), and grew to appreciate it. So much is lost in the translation when it's just cyber pen to cyber paper. You can't see winks, twinkles, or small smiles that might accompany a face to face conversation.

So...I started reading Nate's blog, and then I guess I got hooked. Tricia after all, was a "Joisey goil" like me - and people from New Jersey gotta stick together, ya know? I began including them in my prayers...and throughout their journey, it just amazed me to see God unfold in their lives. The other amazing thing is the sense of humility that they have kept through all this hoopla. How God is always first and foremost, which of course, is the way it should be, but it isn't always that easy is it? I know it's not in my life.

I don't think Nate would mind that I ask for prayers. I am not revealing any information that is not already public knowledge.

So Nate, Tricia, and little Gwynie - love you guys, and know you are being lifted up in prayer this morning from around the world. I am excited to see what God has in store for you next...hang on, and cyber hugs all around! :-)

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Comment by Glenn on June 20, 2008 at 4:26pm
I too got to "know" them through worshiptogether.com and read his story of what they have gone through. I immediatly liked Nate's style and fprethright opinions. He doesn't care if you like what he says, yet he still says it. I guess he reminds me of ME.

I will pray for Nate, his wife and newbie baby and ask that God continue to work miracles in their lives.



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