It's funny how things come full circle. In 1998, I founded Gift on the to provide free original praise and worship music on the web. It was back in the days when MP3 encoding was just starting to catch on, when RealAudio sometimes worked, when Microsoft finally made a version of Media Player that didn't crash.

Now, it's 10 years later. In that time, we've given away 2,200 CDs and many thousands of free downloads. And in that time, I can count the "thank you" emails on two hands. Of course, in America, we don't appreciate each other like we should. Seems to be our culture. Not that we did this for fame, fortune, or vain ambition. We were instructed by God to birth the songs, develop them, and give them away. And that's what we endeavored to do in concert with the Holy Spirit.

I find that I'm no longer a pioneer. I'm now a follower. Amazing how social computing technologies have opened up the web for groups to converse, share, and encourage each other. When I received an email out of the blue from someone that scoured lists from Facebook, I thought twice before following the link. In fact, I typed it myself in case it was a phishing site (isn't that sad?).

What I found was an interesting group to join and encourage! What a blessing! So, hopefully, I can, in some small way, help others become better "worshiping" worship leaders, singers, and musicians. AND, more so, I can learn from all of you!

Please feel free to download all our music, it's still free. Go to . Let me know what you think. I'd suggest listening to Volume 2 first if you're under 30. Volume 1 sounds pretty 70s (still some good songs though).

Looking forward to learning from and lifting up others!

In Christ,

Douglas Birk
Founder, Gift on the Altar Praise
Matthew 23:18-19

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