Are you listening? not God...YOU :)

I still have my obsession with clouds. I've grown to look forward to looking up in the sky each morning, to see what God has left me. It also gives me some "quiet" time with God. When was the last time you had some "quiet" time?

Oh, I know most of us "put time aside" to read the bible, or do our devotional...but how about putting away the bible and the devotional, and just sitting there in peace and quiet, and just...listening?

For me, there is always noise...TV, music, cell phone, kids, hubby, dog barking...

For me, there is always something to, TV, music, Olympics (lately LOL), my garden...what to make for dinner...someone to pray for...the worship set list for the following week to pray hubby...feeding the animals...

Where is God in all this? He's there, but I am amazed that I can still hear Him at times...I wonder what it would be like if I had more quiet times where I could just listen to Him, instead of telling Him how my life is going, and where I think I need guidance? I always thought I took time for God, and I do, but lately I realized that I am doing all the talking, and not letting Him get a word in edgewise!

Why are we so uncomfortable with silence anyway? Does it stem from that old superstition about the angel of death passing at 20 after the hour, so if there is a lull in conversation, you have to start talking so he won't stop? Why do we feel awkward when the conversation ceases? Why can't we just bask in the silence?

Now, I am thinking guys probably do not have as much of a problem with this as women do...However, they do have more of a tendency to get lost in the TV. I've had to pull my hubby out numerous times. Good thing I had a rope tied to him, he was easy to find. Of course, not all men are appreciative of the fact that you rescued them from TV Land Abyss...most will grumble, but just ignore it ladies!

So it seems then, even men (although not as talkative) have other ways of avoiding awkward silences.

The cloud thing for me is so cool, because first off, I get to talk to God...Every day. Secondly, it makes me wait for a reply...Thirdly, sometimes I can hear Him smile, and that makes me smile :D...and lastly, I am "being still" and "knowing He's God"....I'm taking some time out of my day, to just "be"...not to ask Him for anything, not to study anything He had written...just to enjoy His creation, and bask in the moment.

Because I think He has a sense of humor, I'll sometimes tease Him about oversleeping if I'm driving to work and the clouds aren't up yet. Inevitably when I leave work though, there is a whole big blue canvas filled with those fluffy things, and I point out my favorite to Him. "that one Lord, you outdid Yourself on!" Then I sit back...and listen :)

Try it today...If you don't like clouds, and you live somewhere away from a big city...stars would work just as well, or if you are by the beach, try looking at the waves and just thank God for what a great job He's done today...then sit and listen quietly for His answer :).

'This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt' --- Job 38:11

"Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion?" --- Job 38:31

Who has the wisdom to count the clouds? Who can tip over the water jars of the heavens when the dust becomes hard and the clods of earth stick together? --- Job 38:37-38

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