What happens when you hear God, but other people don't?

I dunno...

Did you ever feel strongly led to do something? And you pray about it, consult with others, and everything sort of just falls into place, you look at each and say "GOD!" :-)

But then, something happens, and you lose your "God" moment. Then you begin to doubt that it was a "God" moment, that maybe it was a "self" moment...and you go back and forth and generally just drive yourself nuts trying to second guess God, which is silly when you think about it.

I figure that God and His angels must have an awful lot of chuckles up in heaven when they look down and see us flapping around like a fish on a deck.

Any rate...I thought I had a "God" moment...it was really cool. Things fell into place, I was talking with my team about my experience with God that week, one of my teammates started singing the chorus to "Everlasting God" right as I got done sharing, and oh boy, it was really neat. Stuff fell into place. What God had put on my heart, the songs He chose this week for worship, the words just flowed with what I had been thinking about.

Problem is, I went to discuss it with my superior, who wanted to add a song unrelated to what we had thought about, talked about, and what I had prayed about...It will sort of stick out, and not "fit" with the Godflow.

So, what do you do?

Have faith.

But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry...2 Timothy 4:5

Accept with grace what your boss tells you to do, in church OR at work...

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ - Ephesians 5:21 That was my mantra a few years back, but that's testimony for another day. However, the words still ring true.

Ok...so my teams' "Godmoment" had a monkey wrench thrown into it. How much faith can we have, if we can't believe that God can't use that monkey wrench for HIS glory? By having a pity party and complaining, because things didn't go the way "we" wanted them to (even if we felt God wanted it that way too) we aren't really submitting out of reverence to Christ, and we certainly are not trusting God enough to think that he can turn it all around and make it work to His advantage!

However, if we "keep our head in all situations" and "discharge all the duties of our ministry" then how can God NOT bless us? :-D

I'll keep you updated! Meanwhile...Keep the Faith!

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