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The Problem with Escaping

Calgon take me away!!! You’ve probably seen the commercials and scenes from television and film where the main character in the midst of a terrible, chaotic, and problematic situation drops everything and walks away. The character is later seen relaxing in some exotic location, or some peaceful setting not worrying about the previous situation at all. Most of the time watching a scene like that would make me think, “I wish I could do that,” or “it… Continue

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Speaking Life

Speaking Life

By Dionne Spence May 2009

I find it absolutely amazing the way God will send people into your life (even for a brief moment) to encourage, motivate, inspire, or just say a kind word to lift you out of discouragement, depression, or the cares of life that have become too overwhelming. I know that at one time in my life it seemed like I was always the positive one, the one that would find good in what ever situation that someone explained to me. But then… Continue

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The Importance of Praise and Worship

The Importance of Praise and Worship

By Dionne Spence

In the Life of the Believer

 Signifies relationship with God

 Brings walls/giants down

 Renew God’s favor in our lives

 Is warfare against the enemy

 Is pleasing to God

 Is a command from the Lord

 Is where we experience the Presence of the God

 Is vital for spiritual health

In a Place of Worship/ Church Service

 Sets the atmosphere for God to move

… Continue

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The Dream (A Tribute to the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Written by: Dionne R. Spence - 9/18/2008

The Dream

The dream that was dreamt

In the peaceful solace of slumber deep

Deep in a realm of impossible realities

And flooded with tangible incomprehensible truth

The dream that was dreamt

When we were so pure and innocent

Hoping and longing for the better and best to manifest

Knowing that while far-fetched and far off

Dreams can come true

The dream that was dreamt

After reading precious… Continue

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