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Slender as life


Covering secret things


We knew were there…


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Fresh Water


Fresh Water







Toward the ocean


Anxious to be



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Candle flames dance to the music of


The Nutcracker


As I stare at the tree with its



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Worship Words - A Review

Worship Words – A Review

As a worship leader and a songwriter, I knew that a book entitled Worship Words – Discipling Language for Faithful Ministry was a book that I was supposed to read, but as I saw it on the…


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If anyone deserved respect, it was David: Anointed giant killer, mighty warrior, winner of the “Battle of the Bands – Harp Shred” numerous times. So why was he being chased around the desert by the king and his army? He probably felt as respected as Rodney Dangerfield (“I don't get no respect. The king told me to go outside and play 'Dodge the Chariot'”). God had anointed him king; where was the…


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Just For Fun: A "Mad Libs" for Music Teams

Here is a “Mad Libs” type word game to play with your music team. If you've never played Mad Libs before, it's quite simple. Designate one person to hold the sheet with the “story” and, without revealing the content, ask each person to provide a word that corresponds with part of speech in the blank. After all the words are collected, the story is read back with the given words. The more outlandish the words, the funnier the story. Let me know how it works for…


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Anyone Can Sing

Eldon couldn't carry a tune in a bike basket, unless that tune was one note somewhere between F and F#. And I was attending college to be a music minister and had it in my head that anyone could learn to sing with proper ear training. I don't remember if I had heard this from a professor or if I had dreamed it one night, but I decided that I would teach Eldon to sing.

Eldon was more excited about my little experiment than I was.

We started out with high/low recognition. I… Continue

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What Worship Means To Me

(This was my guest post on Jeff Miller's "Consuming Worship" website

What Worship Means to Me

This sounds a lot like the essays I wrote in grade school like “What Did You Do This Summer” or “I Will Not Throw Spit Wads At Mike Smothers” … oops, that last one wasn't an essay... anyway, worship has been defined by a whole google of people (you like that?) and to me it's one of those things that are like the floating fuzz on the surface of your… Continue

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More Water, Anyone?

If I were Elijah I would probably be wondering if I'd heard God right. We're on Mt. Carmel with 450 prophets of Baal scattered on the ground exhausted, bleeding, and crying like babies and God wants me to dig a trench around the altar I've just rebuilt and fill it full of WATER? “Don't you mean FODDER?” No, water. And just dump it on everything; He wants it good and wet. (I Kings 18:20-40 if you need a refresher)

God didn't want to leave any doubt that when the fire fell from heaven… Continue

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