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When Worship Mentions Us

You Mean More To Me Than Any Earthly Thing

A long time ago I realized there can be a disconnect between the words we sing in praise and how we live. I’ve heard preachers actually teach that we should check ourselves in worship and not utter words that profess something about our faith, our behavior or how we’ve been living unless those words are true.

There is not short answer or explanation but we need to keep a few things in mind.

1.    Christians… Continue

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Grieving Growing And Rejoicing Through Music

Life is cyclical and the pattern is often random but grieving, growing and rejoicing can all be clearly expressed in musical form.

Music For Living

From the perspective of the artist music was always an extension of personality and experience. Attaching emotional significance to an historical event, regardless of where it fit in the cycle of life, was one way to help future generations… Continue

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A Solitary Place

Finding a solitary place to commune with God is more than a privilege, it is a necessary component of the Christian daily walk. Neglecting to find those precious moments alone in peaceful isolation with God can interfere with the disciples’ vision and mission.

Precious Moments In Time...

As I stood on my deck this crisp November… Continue

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The Object Of The Worship Celebration

Lost In The Crowd?

Most believers and church attendees are quick to assert that Jesus is the center of their lives especially during worship.

Nobody can command their focus and attention 100% of the time but we all need to take an honest assessment of what we’re distracted by because the underlying reasons result in dismemberment, separation of one part of the body from… Continue

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In Christ I Can Do All Things...

... on my own I get burned out.

Lurking In The Shadows

Since 2004 I've been leading worship at a local church plant.

Sandwiched in between national forest and hundreds of square miles of housing developments we still haven't found a building to rent so we're still without a permanent home.

What does that mean? Let me… Continue

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What Are Heavenly Treasures?

From the back of the van on our way home from camp I hear my daughter say, "Dad when Jesus says don't store up treasures on earth but store up treasures in heaven... what are the treasures in heaven?"

Of course all I'm thinking about is how much of my mind has been wrapped around giving and how much of my heart has been consumed with getting over the last few weeks...

I naturally went into a… Continue

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Inspired By...

It isn't always the words, the melody or even the feelings of a song that inspire me. It is more of the connectedness of what we're doing together as a body.

I love to visit new churches, watch them on TV or even find videos on the internet because when the worship is genuine my soul resonates with what I experience.

The essence of what takes place in true worship is so outside of me... although God's Spirit within me could technically negate that sentiment, what I mean is… Continue

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