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Family Fun Fest! This week's rehearsal schedule...

Good morning Worship Leaders and brothers and sisters in Christ!

This coming Sunday is our large outreach event - The Family FunFest!!

It begins at 10:00 AM and is one service followed by lunch and fun.

Here is important information for you to read and follow for the week.

#1. CHOIR - important to be at the rehearsal this coming Wed. night for ONE HOUR only!! Room #113. Dress for Sunday is dressy casual with colors in shades of lime green, purple and… Continue

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A Palavra de Deus e do Espírito Santo.

É muito importante que a palavra do Senhor e do Espírito Santo em equilíbrio em nossas vidas. Não podemos separar os dois, a Palavra de Deus e do Espírito Santo. A Palavra sem o Espírito leva a legalismo, o Espírito sem a Palavra leva a heresia. Essa é a razão pela qual preparação é muito importante. Temos de conhecer a Palavra de Deus muito bem, nós podemos conhecer e verificar que o Espírito fala ou que um espírito mal fala.

Se queremos cantar canções espirituais, isso só pode… Continue

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Unheard Radio Launches Christian Music Channel

Unheard Radio has officially launched a Christian Music Channel to all Christian Music Lovers Please Tune in at

Thank you

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I Will Not Sacrifice To The Lord My God

Burnt Offerings That Cost Me Nothing

2 Samuel 24:24

David could have simply taken Araunah's threshing floor. After all, the offering was for royal purposes, a sacrifice to end a plague on the kingdom. And Araunah offered his property willingly. There was no reason for David to pay for the site other than overriding fact: This was an act of sacrifice!

David understood the central significance of sacrifice. It has to cost… Continue

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Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume;

she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped His feet with her hair.

And the house was filled with the fragrance of perfume.

John 12:3

King David was not a perfect man - in fact he was an adulterer and a murderer, among others. Yet God called him a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22), because David was man who loved God, who discovered many of God's divine principles and obeyed them. This is seen in 2 Samuel… Continue

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Solicitations not accepable

I received the following, which I consider an unacceptable use of this website. I'm ok having folks I don't know as friends - if it is in the interest of furthering WTR for communication about worship. But I get enough spam without getting more of it here.

-- Larry

Jen Thomas has added you as a friend on Worship The Rock

I just made $1198 this week working from home for google. I cant believe how easy this is. Im recommending this to everyone, check out this… Continue

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Falling at His Feet

I was re-reading one of my favorite books on Worship yesterday entitled “Face Down” by Matt Redman. I reached a certain page that stood out to me, though it really hadn’t on previous readings. I would like to share it with you all if I could:

~ Each time we gather together as a worshipping community, we must find way to reflect these aspects of the nature and character of God. The songs are one thing. But it goes way beyond the music. It’s our whole approach. Are we preparing our… Continue

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Sonar 8 and Pro Tools 8 Invite

Hello everybody, just looking to network with people who are producing music and video and wish to share ideas and tips on producing and editing. I have been working with 2 programs which are Sonar Producer Edition 8 on my XP Machine and Pro Tools 8 on my Mac. I'm an avid learner of producing and enjoy recording very much. Right now I'm learning to use V Vocal in Sonar to tweak vocal tracks. I also enjoy making music videos using Sony Vegas 8 and Pinnacle 12. So if anybody out there is using… Continue

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Word Like Fire Episode 22: Grow Me

Download/stream the podcast here- Episode 22: Grow Me

A prayer for spiritual growth, that God will fill us with His spirit and increase our faith.

Grow Me

You have sown your word in me

Let my heart embrace the seed

Rain your spirit down and grow me, grow me

In your garden let me thrive

Living beauty in your eyes

By the light of Heaven grow me, grow…


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The power of encouragement

This site really blesses me. I wasn't fetched up with a faith. I was baptised in my twenties in response to realising something was missing from my life ~ Jesus was. I have a few close friends from church and some friends who don't attend church, who I share my beliefs with when the opportunity arises. I have been so encouraged by sharing things on this site and getting practical advice and offers of friendship. Things like this make me strive to be a better person, to reach out and help others… Continue

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Hit the Ball and RUN!!!

I've been loving every minute of watching my son's little league baseball league this summer. I'll admit that I'm a little frustrated that almost every other day is taken up with games or practices, but Ben's loving it, so we're all good with it.

As fun as it's been, there have also been frustrations. Lori and I make sure to let Ben know that it doesn't matter if he hits the ball hardest or makes diving catches or throw perfectly to first base to get the runner out. What matters is… Continue

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Friday is the last day.....

Sorry I needed to give them back their space on their server. If you would still like the mp3's email me and I can send them to you. Thank you to all who downloaded the album. Once I find free space that amounts to 60M I will put it back up. thx

I am making my CD, In the Shadows available for free download for a couple of weeks. I can't leave it up for too long, because I am borrowing space on a friends server. So if you would like a copy of In The Shadows, go to… Continue

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Upcoming events

My next stop is Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Oregon, Ohio. Sunday Aug 16th 8 & 10:30 am Come on out and worship with us.
For more info go to and click on the calender page.

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Unparalleled Magnitude

The brightest observable stars appear as nothing more then pin pricks in the night sky and many can only be seen in the best of conditions with the best of equipment. The smallest known star, OGLE-TR-122b, though it is 20% larger then Jupiter is not viewable by the naked eye. If these bodies of stellar light which are so amazingly bright do not transcend even our galaxy how much brighter must Jesus be? Jesus conceals himself from the prism of… Continue

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In the absence of your presence I am nothing
Darkness surrounds me and life is empty
Your love is light it invades like a quickness
And shakes up the creation in which you have made
To you I surrender
The magnetism of your love, compels this creation to
Relinquish everything that I am to be fashioned by
the hands of you
To you I surrender ©

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Beautiful Grace

My joy is found in the beauty of you grace.

I rise in the morning as you have kissed my face with the rays of your sun.

Whom shall I fear? What shall I lack, my soverign God you are with me.

In the songs of the birds creation utters her praises.

I too sing a new song, the song of the redeemed that even angels cannot sing.

The song breaths from my soul.

My love, Holy and just you are.

I call you love because thats who you are.

I call you holy because thats… Continue

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Behind The Rock

I cried & no one heard me, I was dying & they couldn't see me. I was alone behind this rock as you crafted, fashioned me. It wouldn't have been done with people around so you moved me, & yes at times I felt alone. But you God, you were always there guiding & loving me for who I am. Behind the rock, I found my resting place in you! I found my voice of worship in the midst of the dark. Its me & you, in the resting place of your love. Make me something worthy of your grace,… Continue

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Live and die, or live and learn. It's our choice.

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Everyone, Please hear this:

John Nyavor in Africa needs your prayers, he is ministering to those in various villages which are mostly Muslim. Some of the areas that John enters are very dangerous, but he is doing the will of God by preaching to those people.

Please pray seriously for God to protect Pastor John during these visits and for people to recognize their need to receive Jesus, as you know in some of those areas, people are very poor and hungry for the word of God.

I love you through Christ… Continue

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It's about time...

For about 4 years I have wanted a web page/blog site that is dedicated to worship arts at the church where I lead worship - and finally I have found the time to do it!

My goal for the page is for us to share information and thoughts about worship in general and at our church. I would love to hear if you have ideas for new songs for worship and any other thoughts you have about worship in general.

I plan to share weekly information about upcoming services and events as well… Continue

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