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Just A Few Thots I've Collected

....Life can get so hectic. People can get so caught up in going to school and going to work and whatever they have to do each day that they forget why they wake up each morning. God didn't put the breath in our body just for us to waste it on foolish things that will eventually fade away. Nothing here on earth will go with us when we die. So why are we more focused on the things that are tangible than the things that really matter? Yes, we have to work in order to eat. The Bible teaches that.… Continue

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Essay writing tips from the master

I always idolized my friend Joshua when it comes to essay writing. He was one year older than I was and the only thing in common between us was that we were both passionate about the activity. However, Joshua took things to a higher and much better level.

Back in college, I remember that both of us entered the literary magazine of our school. While I was already happy to get into the club and become a contributing writer, he worked harder… Continue

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What the Internet Did to Me

I gave Jamie, my roommate, an annoyed look when he joked that English students should be the ones to clean our dormitory. He thought that our academic load is not as heavy as B.S. students like him.

There are no idle moments for being an English major student. For one, there’s no shortage of term papers to write. My problem is the Internet though.

I surf for information for my term papers, but I end up reading unnecessary… Continue

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Incubator Creative Group: For Immediate Release

Press Release


Cheshire, Oregon

Former roster artist comes back to roost in management at Incubator

Incubator Creative Group announces the addition of Leah Martensen as the company's Vice President of Artist Community. The partnership marks Leah Martensen's newest foray into the field of Christian artist development, extending her activities beyond her own performing music ministry. Incubator celebrates its 20th year of business in 2009 as Christian… Continue

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Science and Art of Leading

It’s amazing to think how many things are going through your brain when you’re standing in front of a group of people leading them in worship… what’s the mix like, did the gtr guy just miss that cue, is the bass in tune, are the words correct on the screen, are the words even up on the screen!, what’s the chord that I’m supposed to be playing on this part, I hope the other singers remember this part coming up right here, are we going too fast or moving too slow, I think I just went flat on that… Continue

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Grief to Joy

In 2 Kings 22, the godly King Josiah was presented with a book found in the temple in Jerusalem. Apparently, it and its contents had been forgotten by the people for some time. It turned out to be the Book of the Law. When it was read to Josiah and he realized that it contained the Lord’s commands—commands that had been broken by the people for so long—he “tore his robes” in grief (2 Kings 22:11).

Josiah knew that God’s anger burned against His people for breaking His Law. Josiah…

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Good News Praise Band featured on radio blog interview

I was interviewed on a blog radio program on May 8, 2009, for the release of my third book, The Stinging Salve. The host featured several songs from my praise band during the interview.

You can hear the entire interview and songs at this link:

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Trust in the Lord ...

How lost can we be not knowing where to go in life
To decide first and foremost what we want in life
Then when we seek our Father for advice and guidance
We are assured that our journey is constantly in His presence

If sometimes we feel that God has left our side
He has merely walked ahead to clear the pathways of our ride
Thus always walk with hope, confidence and passion
For the Lord leads us to a glorious destination

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The Sacrifice of Worship...

As I was sending out an email today, I was thanking for someone for being a part of the worship ministry I am in, I remembered a worship set that I did a few weeks. The response song was Surrender by Mark James. I distinctly recall that for that particular set, in the days/weeks leading up that song touched me quite a bit.

It's like that saying: "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy".

Sometimes the worship ministry is like that. I've had a number of "situations"… Continue

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Mightily used, mightily abused?

Mightily used, mightily abused?

Every now and again, we have the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and do something really useful. Maybe it’s something at church; helping out in the nursery or food pantry, playing or singing on a worship team, ministering to someone who today just really needs to hear how much God loves them. Maybe it’s something in our every day lives; helping rake leaves or mow the yard of an elderly widow, offering our personal gifts for… Continue

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Gratitude and worship

As I was preparing for this Sunday's worship, I was led to something that I found very interesting but never really thought about before and that is how important having an attitude of gratitude is for genuine worship to take place. I used to think is was mostly about coming into His presences with great expectancy but I realized that in order for anyone to come with that level of expectancy, they need to 1 be grateful. It is all over Scripture especially in Chronicles. There are at least 9… Continue

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GentleWind News Letter for May 2009

Dear Family, friends & partners in prayer,

For the web version of this news letter click here

Wow! I don't know about you, but does it not seem that this year is flying by??? Here we are in May already, next month is June and summer starts. It just seems the older I get, the faster Christmas comes!!!

Wisconsin Tour

Well at lest the last whole week in April made up for me being sick and stuck in bed on Easter in California. I ended April with a whole week of… Continue

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Beggar Who Gives Alms

I have a new favourite song-du-jour. Downhere's The Beggar Who Gives Alms from their "Ending is Beginning" album.

There are no mystic jewels embedded in my prose

No moonlit haloed cherubs perched on my piano

No lyrics laced with pixy dust, no angels sing along

I am just a beggar who gives alms

Gold and silver have I none, but such I have give Thee

Borrowed words from the One who gave the gift to…

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The Wounded Bride (part 1)

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An Attitude That Works

Read 2 Kings 11:1 through 13:25

Travis was less than enthusiastic about the yard work his parents had asked him to do. It would take up most of Saturday. That morning while his parents were away Travis decided to sleep in till noon. Afterward he decided to text message his friends and watch some TV. Before he knew it, the day was almost over. He sloppily mowed the yard, did a poor job of weeding, and tossed the flowers into the ground without watering them. When his parents…

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Who is "We?"

Who is "We"?

President Barack Obama said in Turkey :

"We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."

I found this very interesting.

Do you know the Preamble for your state? . .

Be sure to read the message at the bottom!

Alabama 1901, Preamble

We the people of the State of Alabama , invoking the… Continue

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Start Where You are Planted

I have heard this phrase so many times through reading songwriting books, seminars and such. It can get really frustrating on the one hand especially when you feel your hands are tied and you can't do what you would like to do. And it can get you thinking creatively about what kind of goals you want to make and where to start.

It's difficult when the negative creeps in and I start thinking about "me." Why are we so human even when we are christians? ug. lol. When I start thinking… Continue

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A New Lease on Life

It has been a long time since my last actual blog. It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything clear to blog about. Many things have transpired, many inspirational, many situational. Most have occupied my time and have prevented me from sitting and jotting down whatever thoughts or inspirations I may have had.

In particular, my new job has had me wondering and vacillating whether or not I am in the right place. But right places don’t always FEEL right, and if they did, we wouldn’t… Continue

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What Can I Do?

Read 2 Kings 4:1 through 5:27

The widow’s cupboard held only a small amount of oil. Unable to pay her debts, the creditor demanded her sons become his slaves. Hopeless, she cried out for help (2Kings4:1). God performed a miracle through Elisha that saved the widow and her sons from the ravages of poverty.

Poverty is a stain on the fabric of every country. Single moms struggle to feed and clothe their children. The elderly choose between buying food and paying their utility… Continue

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