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God gave me something special today.............

Has anyone on this site ever had the experience of God giving you the ability to play an instrument straight away? Well here is my story - this happened tonight!

We had our worship practice tonight and the drummer couldn't make it. But I offered to kick the bass drum (as I have a sore throat and cough) just to help them keep time (I usually sing). There is a background to this story though - you see I had a pretty rotten week / weekend (cold and other bits and pieces which i won't… Continue

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History of Vineyard Worship - 1976 - 1997

History of Vineyard Worship – 1976 - 1997

Every once in a while I will read something or hear of something written about early Vineyard worship, and I have yet to contribute anything to date, so I thought I'd provide a brief history. While John Wimber was a talented musician, he was never the worship leader. I will openly admit he was "the brains" behind it all. Even his assignment to me at one point of developing a theology for "Vineyard… Continue

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I have been wanting to say something about this topic for a while but waiting to write this. From a place of knowing that i am saved by grace,and HIS mercy,totaly undeserved but JESUS was obedient to the father even unto death.

I have been strugling listening to messages preached,where we are continually reminded that we are sinners,now after 20 years being saved and some even longer, i have been sensing that the world knows this and we as christians know this ,and that the emphasis should… Continue

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The Firey Trial

Have you ever felt like you were in the middle of the middle of the fire? Did you feel like it was THE all consuming fire, and you were what was being consumed? The fire I've recently been enduring is slowly turning to burning embers, and I finally feel like I'm coming to the other side. It's been a very HOT two and a half months during one of the coldest winters we've had in years.

In retrospect, I can say that I know that I know that God had a plan and a purpose for every moment of… Continue

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I keep dropping my toothbrush!

Every day I feel a little more warmth as I realised that, having dropped my toothbrush, I am able to pick it up.

I am able to pick it up.

I am able to pick it up.

I am able to pick it up.

And, my friends, when the full emphasis of upwardness - no, the full emphasis of verticality... yes... when that incomprehensible, overwhelmingly beautiful attraction of distance from the floor strikes me in my very… Continue

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This morning I woke up early and was met by my Lord Jesus
he set my feet on the rock and brought me peace.
today I'm on a mountain top, tomorrow I will be back in
the valley being taught to obey and listen.
I'm so glad HE care so much for us ! !
Psalm 71:17
O GOD, thou has taught me from my youth; and
hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.

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From my heart that Jesus Lives- God is faithful in the smallest thing-My testimony

How true it is that our Lord is faithful in the smallest thing and i have one more experience to share of Gods Love in my life. This incident had made me to believe that our God listens to meager requests also. yesterday in church, while the service was going on..i was going on singing this one song..its a hindi song..the song lyrics are senao ka yahova humare sang sang hai ( English translation is-The lord of Host is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge) I really love this song. We were… Continue

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Feb 15,2009

Today I recorded a song on my computer using a simple Logitech mic and Audacity 1.2.6. I was amazed at the resulting quality. The song itself needs work, but there's also the need for me to learn about what the software can and can't do. I am on a steep learning curve.

I want to thank those who have offered advice and commentary on this song as it revealed some areas where improvement is still in order. Praise the Lord for leading me here. This is turning out to be my best motivation… Continue

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We ask for your prayers

God Bless you guys, we ask for your prayers, one of our guitarist Ruben is getting married today, it's a happy day for all of us,specially for Ruben, we hope you can help us pray that God would guide them in this new journey there life are taking. God Bless You.

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No Greater Love

Truly, no greater love has a man than this--that he would lay his life down. Would YOU lay your life down for another? I bought a sandwich for a sad stranger today who was boldly begging for money in a restaurant. He neither seemed appreciative nor said thank you. He actually continued to beg from others as I bought him food.

But I kept thinking about the Word that says, "Give to all who ask..." So, I didn't hesitate. It was better than handing him money that could have gone to… Continue

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I Believe I'll Testify

I don't usually get into blogging but I just have to testify and tell what God is doing in our family.

I have 2 praise reports that just happened this week.....

First praise report:

My oldest daughter has had recurring bladder infections over the years and one started to go into her kidney (that's actually how we found out about them). She was on antibiotics for a year. The doctor thought she'd found the problem and thought the issue was resolved. But at a recent doctor's… Continue

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Testimony of Thomas Uledar-How God saved him and 100s of others in Cama Hospital when terrorists attacked Mumbai on Nov 2008

Today while checking my mails, i received this mail of how Mr Thomas Uledar and other 100's of people were saved so miraculously by God on 26th Nov 08 when Terrorists attacked Cama Hospital in Mumbai. So i thought it has to be shared with everyone. I have now one more reason to Praise and Thank God and hope after you read this, you too will feel the same.

The Bible says "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty GOD - Psalm 91:1 And… Continue

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Story Behind The Song - Hear My Cry

Wow! ... What a week! What a tiring week! Although I didn't do much, but a lot has happened. I'm sure most of ya have already heard about the bushfire tragedy that happened over at Victoria, Australia. For those of you who didn't or haven't, well death toll so far is at 181 and counting. If you want to know more, do Google it.

I also went for an interview for a managerial position at a bookstore. Yeah, some of you might think I've caved in finally and decided to work instead of… Continue

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Lord is my Good Shepherd.......

My, How time flies..A new year..Happy New Year to all of you. I know its so late to wish for New Years. But have’nt you heard Better Late than never. Can I confess something !!! Its been two yrs I blogged. Whatever……lazy, not interested, time management problems but I will say my interest changed to topical blogging. I selected topics for blogging where I always was interested to write like Power of Prayer ( Blog where I talk about leading a successful spiritual life)-… Continue

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Here I Am!

Well, as Samuel said to the Lord, 'Here I Am!' I just joined this community last night after Tim Ong pointed me here. I feel blessed to have finally found an online community of Christian musicians. So I'll start with some testimony;

I am 57 years old - despite my profile picture which is from 1986 [I have to update that]. I began singing onstage at age three and went pro at age 13. I lived in Los Angeles then. At 15 my family moved to Maine and I began singing in nightclubs in the… Continue

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A Transformed Mind

I'm currently reading through "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind" by Bill Johnson. This is a fantastic book. It's so exciting to read about some things that i've believed for a long time but don't often hear people teach or preach about.

Often we limit God by our small thinking. Every now and then we see or hear something that stirs us up and reminds us of what the Christian life should be about. How we should be living. The things we should be believing for and seeing… Continue

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So ... I've volunteered to lead worship for the little ones ...

... and am mucho worried (and not a little scared, quite frankly!).

Thing is, I took this on as a challenge - my track record for leading grown ups in worship is somewhat tenuous, and at first I said a definite no to leading youngsters but the seed got sown and I thought - why not give it a go - I 've got God on my side after all - haven't I?

Then I started thinking - which, for me, is always a bad move! - about doing "something different". So my mind is whirring away with… Continue

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JER. 18:4 - And the vessle that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessle, as seemed good to the potter to make it.


My name is Bro. George Smith and I was washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and saved by his wonderful grace on Febuary 13, 1997. This was ironically my 33rd birthday as well.

Then in April of 1997, the Lord began to strongly deal in my heart about preaching. Just four months later on August 10, 1997, I announced my call to preach. After about two years of preaching where ever an opportunity came, then Lord… Continue

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Not what I want to do....but I do it anyway!

Ugliness. That is how my attitude has been recently; flat out ugly and spewing filth without much effort. It doesn't take much. To be honest, it is aimed in one direction and I feel it boiling up, but haven't tried to keep the lava inside the mountain. I just let it rip and then I feel bad.

What is the solution? Like an earthquake fault, I keep swallowing the frustration and then I just rumble. I know that so much of the rumblings is due to… Continue

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Worship Thoughts

Danny Daniels, Scott Underwood, Carl Tuttle and Cindy Rethmeier - Lowell, MA 1997

It is pretty amazing to see what has taken place in the area of worship since I began leading in 1976. We definitely knew then that we were on to something. We hoped to see worship impact people all over the earth. It certainly has, but I don't think any of us foresaw what has taken place. Many are quick to argue that 'worship is more than singing… Continue

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