...Just a thin review of the new pedal i got.  Feel free to share similar experiences with this same pedal or any other pedal you've just gotten...

I just received my Timmy pedal the other day and I have to say, it's a nice device. It takes no time at all to dial in nice tones with single coils or Filtertrons.  I haven't tried humbuckers with it yet.

For $129 shipped, I like it much better than oh so many boutique pedals I've tried and is certainly above the Boss and MXR pedals I've owned/played.

It covers a lot of territory without ever getting fizzy or buzzy. There is nothing I hate more than the sound of a bum overdrive that trails off with fizz and buzz (BD2 comes to mind).  This doesn't do that.

What I like so far:

- Subtractive tone bass and treble - Very useful range here. Bass is post gain, treble is pre-gain. I think this is what makes this pedal so useful. These controls are capable of completely changing the character of this pedal.

- Build quality - this thing is truly boutique quality. All of the components inside seem to be the highest tolerance possible. AND - the letters are under a layer of clear coat, so they won't scratch off.

- Drive Quality - No, it doesn't sound like an overdriven Tube amp. No pedal ever does no matter what "they" claim. However, this pedal does have a nice drive sound that is free of fizz and buzz and no one will know you're using a pedal. It works very well for low gain to mid crunch. I even found some smooth/creamy tones that weren't unlike Dumble territory if you're into that sort of thing. Not a Tubescreamer at all. 

- Clean Boost - I've done a bit with it as a booster and it does it well. Perfect for creating an alter-ego in your rig.

Your mileage may vary, but I personally find this to be one of only two overdrive pedals I'll ever want. And I suspect it's one of those pedals where people will say, "wow, your tone is great", but never, "you're playing through a Timmy aren't you?"

So what have you purchased recently that you'd like to share?

Anyone else have Timmy experiences?

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You're welcome Greg. Seriously.


Well, I'm glad there's a guy on here who can help me with a proper resistor value or a correct pin out for an IC should I ever need it.

Sounds interesting. 

I used to have a TS years ago.  I'm really enjoying the Blackstar HT Dual Pedal.    It's not quite an overdrive in the sense of on top of the overdriven channel,  but it gives me what I want.   I like that I can plug it into any clean channel of just about any amp (well all I've tried so far) and I get my prefered fender crunch and lead.    I can quickly adust the bias get a really good overdriven Marshall sound.   You can't get to a New Metal sound out of it.    Also since all the lighting has gone LED it's the only thing to warm my hands on in a cold church.  The valve does run warm once you have played for a bit.


I've sold all my other effect as I don't really use them.   Though I do have a delay/looper  that I'm trying to get to grips with.

Recently got two Timmy's. One standard (purple) and a surf green. Besides the color difference there is a different op amp in the surf green for Humbucker Music. It's the LM1458. Many people say that they like it a little better for smoothing things out. I a/b'd them and I have to say they are really close but I do prefer the op amp in the standard Timmy a little better. I run two Vox Night Trains stereo into Egnater Rebel 112 cabs. I stack it with a Box of Rock and it is fantastic. I run the Vox's on the bright channel with gain to where its just barely starting to break up (about 12:00 o'clock). The Timmy is definitely a keeper! I'm not sure if I'll keep them both.

Interesting - I've also got the Humbucker surf green Keeley compressor. Love surf green! You're lucky to have it.

But same for me - I've tried a few different chips in it and the standard (4558?) chip seemed the best. 

I used to look for that magic overdrive op amp, but there never seemed to be a great difference in chips no matter what Monte Allums says. Some have more or less noise, but it's usually not significant. I almost always prefer the standard JRC if there ever is a difference.

So there seems to be no advantage to a more or less "low noise/high quality" chip. I suppose t's because we're really pushing these things to do that which they were designed to avoid (distortion). And there seems to be no advantage to finding a "high fidelity" chip because the frequency spectrum of an electric guitar is much narrower than what the worst of these chips can deal with. So I guess I'm saying that I've decided that anything "better" than the standard JRC chip is just wasted quality at best. And often, if any difference, the alternate doesn't sound as good.

And no amount of chip swapping and resistor selection improves a BD2 to my liking. It always ends up being a fizzy and buzzy monster that I can't stand to play through.

Woa! I've just found another completely wonderful tone that doesn't require cranking the amp to nose bleed levels. EP Booster. It pushes my amp into a nice ragged grind that is neither fizzy nor overly dirty. It's fat and grindy and with a Grestch, completely wonderful. One of the tones I've been after for years. Wonder why I never tried it? Next up, a Nocturne Dyno Brain - a booster based on the Space Echo preamp that really makes the Gretsch very gretschy.

It seems that there are a lot of overdrives and I hate most of them. But one of the tones I've been after forever is being found through using the EP booster and turning my Raw control on my Allen Encore up to 1 or 2. Really Gritsches up the Gretsch. 

Correct, EP is the Echoplex preamp. I've also ordered a Nocturne Atomic Brain which is based on the Space Echo with some tweaks. It seems that many players trace some nuance of their tone back to a preamp of some kind just like Blackmore or EVH or Setzer etc. It seems the new craze to put that in a pedal and apparently I've bitten hard on this one. But I can attest to the benefit to the Grestsch sound.


Sounds like you done good there then, Greg. ;-)

Can't please everyone, or sometimes anyone.... except maybe God & yourself. FWIW I was told not so long back that as a guitar player I'd be OK in Soweto, after one song that used a strong rhythm from damped strings. I also led 'The Lord Told Noah' slightly Chas n Dave style, but getting faster and faster, for the kids.


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