Let me just get this out of my system.  We all know we want to post a listing of our current pedal set-ups and to see what other people are using. We all just need to remember the two major sins associated with this kind of posting (pride and covetousness) and lay our hearts out before the Lord so He can remind us that our value and purpose in life is not informed by effects pedals.  Once we move beyond that I think this kind of discussion thread can be fun and educational.


My current board set up looks like this:

Guitar --TC Helicon Harmony G XT --Boss Noise Supres ---Digitech TimeBender Delay--EH Cathedral

                                                                   V              ^                                                                 V

                                            EH Soul Preacher     Boss Power Wah                        Egnater Renegade 65

                                                                   V               ^

                                             VL Sparkle Drive --- EH Nano Stone Phase


Hope that is not confusing.


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A Timeline too? Or will it replace the Eventide? Just a suggestion, but what about an Orange Squeeze type compressor. Have you ever played one?

I'd definately like to upgrade by compressor. Haven't played an Orange Squeeze. Is that a JHS pedal? I would like to add the Timeline but also keep the Eventide. The Timeline obviously does some cool stuff that the Eventide doesn't do, but the dual delay on the Eventide is so awesome I don't know if I'll ever part with it. Besides, my T1M looper includes a bank up and down and a tap for the Eventide, so if I got rid of it, part of my looper would be useless anyway.

The orange squeeze is actually a type of compressor originally designed by Dan Armstrong. It's very "effecty" - energetic and bouncy which makes it nice for chord picking and arpeggios etc. Some folks describe it as a dip and swell. It's not quite pumping but a predictable thing that can work wonders for a rhythmic technique. Pedal Doctor makes one as do Hartman and Nick Greer.( There are more.) I have the Hartman and it really does the job for certain things. 

Some folks are really into delay stuff - I guess you're one of them. The most I do with a delay is some David Gilmour type repeats but mostly slapback. 

And I'm seeing two pedals that have interested me in the past - the Signa and the OCD. But now that I have a Jetter Red Squared, I'm more interested in a Wampler Paisley drive. Ever heard it?

I've heard of the Wampler not of the other. I would say that I "like" my OCD, but I'm not too attached to it. My Signa on the other hand, I really love. I think I'll probably hang onto that one for a while. I've not had a chance to play though too much of the more boutique stuff since you cant really find it anywhere without buying it first.

Yea, you do have to rely on samples and Youtube for most of it. Of all the pedals, overdrives are the hardest to get a feel for without playing them. That's how I came to own a Jetter. I was all set to buy a Barber until I played several.

97 Strat or Line 6 Variax --->>> Pod HD 500

Well done sir. Your board is most impressive. Why don't you sell me your Micro Pog?!


Your church owns a friggin Country Gent !!!!??   I wouldn't mind a budget like that.....
That is really cool that someone did that.

Epiphone Les Paul / Stagg  Guitars

Line 6 POD HD 300  (Blows everything away and I used to play wuth a Boss GT10)

Various settings and chain placements!

Various amp stylings!


Fender Deville 410 set on a Super Clean sound (like the one JesusCulture used in Your Love Never Fails Albumn XP)

Chain: Boss TR-2, DD-7 with FS-5U, DD-3, Jekyll&Hyde (High Gain), Fulldrive 2 Mosfet (Low Gain)

Guitars: Fender Deluxe Player Strat, Ibanez JS1000, Yamaha Concept Show Guitar

Pedals that are off and on the board: Dunlop Kirk Hammett Signature Wah, Ernie Ball Jr. Volume, and a couple compressor pedals because I don't use them. I geuss I like to keep things simple :) By the way I should add my space is limited on my board so that's probly a good thing also as it limits me haha :p

this is my rig right now...I'm making some updates that I'll post soon. new pedals and custom Lava Cables



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