Let me just get this out of my system.  We all know we want to post a listing of our current pedal set-ups and to see what other people are using. We all just need to remember the two major sins associated with this kind of posting (pride and covetousness) and lay our hearts out before the Lord so He can remind us that our value and purpose in life is not informed by effects pedals.  Once we move beyond that I think this kind of discussion thread can be fun and educational.


My current board set up looks like this:

Guitar --TC Helicon Harmony G XT --Boss Noise Supres ---Digitech TimeBender Delay--EH Cathedral

                                                                   V              ^                                                                 V

                                            EH Soul Preacher     Boss Power Wah                        Egnater Renegade 65

                                                                   V               ^

                                             VL Sparkle Drive --- EH Nano Stone Phase


Hope that is not confusing.


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In the amp. One's a Hartke 3500 and the other is an old Laney DP150. The Laney is just an on-off pre-set limiter, but the Hartke is controllable in terms of compression only. Both are helpful in reducing volume spikes, although the Hartke compressor is much more effective, and will let me slap a little without making people jump.

Guitar > Duncan Twin-Tube > Arion SCH1 or Line6 MM4 (Trem/Ch/Univibe/PseudoLeslie) > TC Tuner > Rogue Delay > BF Bassman w/EVM-15L

Basically, a simple setup for warm, "Mike Landau"-like tones.

How do you like your MM4? I've been thinking of adding one to my setup. Does it have tap tempo like other Line 6 pedals? How about volume drop? I've read some reviews stating that your volume drops when the pedal is engaged? Thanks!

Boss TU-2 tuner

Crybaby Wah

Boss CS3 compressor (soon to be replaced)

Fulltone OCD

EHX LPB1 boost

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Voodoo Lab Tremolo

Boss RT-20 rotary

Boss DD-20 delay

Line 6 DL4 delay

EHX Holy Grail reverb

Line 6 Verbzilla reverb

Boss CS3 compressor (soon to be replaced)


Replaced with what? Any ideas yet?

It's funny that you ask, I just got my MXR Custom Comp in the mail a couple of days ago. My first choice would have been a Barber Tone Press, but I'm on a limited budget right now. I read a lot of good reviews about the Custom Comp so I figured I'd give it a try. I actually really like it. It's simple with just 2 knobs, but also has internal controls for attack and trim. It's WAY quiet for a compressor, especially compared to my old CS-3 which was just crazy noisy. The best part is that I picked it up on Ebay in nearly new condition for about $80!

Yes, that is supposed to be a very nice compressor  - I almost got one. I just got my son a regular Dyna-Comp and it's pretty nice for the money. The CS3 is an abomination if you ask me.


I personally collect the little buggers and have three pretty nice compressors now. All with a different feel - Hartman (Orange Squeezer type), Keeley (Ross type) and Diamond (Optical). 

recently added: MXR Custom Comp and a Signa Drive.

I've made some significant improvements to the board recently:

Boss TU-2 tuner

MXR custom comp

Fulltone OCD

CMatMods Signa Drive

EHX LPB1 boost

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Eventide Modfactor

Eventide Timefactor

Line 6 Verbzilla reverb (to be replaced by the Strymon Blue Sky once I have the cash)


I'm also ordering a custom E5 switch / looper from this1smyne.com

in the next couple of weeks.

With respect to the Strymon Blue Sky - I'm torn between that one and the Neunaber:




Have you seen that one? It's pretty simple but all the reviews and demos out there are pretty good.


My current setup. Recently added the Strymon Blue Sky (which I LOVE) and the T1M Looper, which also has a bank up/down for both the TimeFactor and the ModFactor and a synchronized tap tempo. I'd like to fill the last hole with a Strymon Timeline. Have to save up some more cash first though...



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