I was getting most of my effects through my Johnson ME150, which is now fritzing after 8-10 sturdy years of service. After research (particularly stuff from Lincoln Brewster's website), I'm making a switch to the Line 6 Pod XT-3 Live. But I'm looking for some suggestions!

I play a modified Godin LGX hybred with separate outputs for acoustic, electric, and guitar synth channels (that's 3). I run the acoustic through a compressor, BBE, and a boss acoustic modeler, then direct to board. The synth goes to a Roland guitar synth then direct to board. The electric went to the Johnson after a BBE and compressor, then into a miced sound enclosure. (We use avioms for stage monitors.) My greatest concerns are 1) how the thing will sound direct to board, 2) how reliable it will be, & 3) where to get the tweaked patches.


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Look at the Line Six HD series!


I'm strongly thinking about trying out the Line Six HD500. Seems to be the next step. Are you using one?

Yes, I love it! Numerous Effects, amp modelings, even cab and mic modeling! So many different sounds, its like living at guitar center. Mike Sweet from STRYPER turned me on to this product. One of the best advantages is the online mobility, plug into a pc and down load the Line Six system and you can do all changes online! EASY!  Get one!

I have had my hd 500 for a few months now. After some initial growing pains, because the effects are routed differently, I really love it. I have used every aspect of it as well. I record via USB at home and via SPDIF at my friends studio. I play at my church through my amp using the 1/4 inch outs and I played direct at a friends church using the XLR outs. I have multiple files saved for sounds per song and multiple set lists saved. Going from recording to live is as easy as loading a different set of sounds al tempo synched and set for the situation at hand.

Stay away from the X3, I know someone who had one and after two weeks the expression pedal broke. It's made of plastic and the new HD modeling blows it away. The HD has all of the M13 effects in it plus the amp sims. There is no question. To get any better you have to go pro gear like a fractal and the difference is very minimal.


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