I have just recently added the electric guitar and am trying to figure out what to start out with. I need to buy an amp also so if you have any pointers let me know. We are a small congregation that is growing rapidly and am anticipating have the full band together in about a month. Any help on this would be awesome. Peace, blessings and chik-fil-a!

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Telecaster - I've been finding a lot of good utility from a Tele in worship. Great guitars for all around, so it's no surprise that it fits well in worship. I agree whole heartedly!


Compressor - I've had a CS3 and a Signa Comp. Don't waste your money on the Signa - I found it quite noisy and shrieky. By the time you notice any compression, it's very noisy. Depending on what kind of compression you want, you can choose accordingly. If you're looking for Ross type compression but have a limited budget, I would steer you toward a new MXR Dyna Comp. I played one the other day and wondered why I have a Keeley. See this site when you decide to go shopping:




I wish there was a site like this for every kind of pedal. Simply wonderful.


Fender Blues Junior - I had one for a while but sold it. I could never get that wonderful, rich blackface clean tone. But they are great amps. The latest rev. III is somewhat brighter and perhaps the best one so far. 

We seem to be doing the resurrection shuffle with old threads, don't we?


I think the Tele is a good guitar for bass players because it's simple, but for worship a strat works best *for me* because it can go from snappy and twangy, through poppy jangle to warm, fat and jazzy. You can strum it like an acoustic or shred like EVH. It's just a very versatile instrument, and doesn't have to be thin and shrill the way some imagine them to be.


If I were buying a new stand-alone compressor I'd look at the Diamond unit. Owned an MXR Dyna comp and was very disappointed - the sweet spot was too narrow between no compression and over-squished mud, and it lacked openness.

Yea, the Diamond has some good qualities too. I personally own the Diamond and a Keeley 4 knob and they both have their place. If you want Ross sounds, the MXR is a great value. But it can be a squash monster. The Diamond is usually what I use for humbuckers. But for single coils and country sounds, I use the Keeley.
You dont need everything that everyone is talking about on here.

A good tuner will be your best friend and will never lead you astray. A guitar in tube is the place to start and you never onow when you can pupl tune in the middle of worship.

2 overdrives are ideal, one low gain transparent overdrive to do your guitar's rythem tone justice and a second overdrive to to boost your sound in heavier parts of the song or solos.

A good delay with tap tempo. I may suggest the Boss DD-7.

As far as effects go, that's all you need for praise and worship. All the other bells and whistle can be added later (chorus, flanger and other modualated effects) steer clear of effects that take or cloud your guitar and amp's essential tone, of you find that you are overbearing then it is time to simplify!


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