Anyone out there using compression pedals for electric or acoustic guitar? If so, what is your favorite? What do you use them for? 

I've had a few - Keeley, CMAT, RetroSonic, Barber and now Diamond. This journey has taught me that there are many compressors and no single one can give you everything you want. I'm curious what other worship leaders are doing.

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Thanks! that's good input. I've been waiting to hear from someone on that particular compressor. For reference - which Keeley? 4 Knob? 2 Knob?

I have the 2 knob Keely Compressor with the 2 internal pots, although time from time I do want to try a 4 knob just to see if there's difference in the compression and to have all the controls availible on instance, I haven't had the privilage to use one thus far. Elevation Worship's lead guitarist uses the MXR Custom Comp, I don't know if you have heard them before but here is a link a song of which you can hear it stand out in a live worship situation:


He has a great clean sound, here is a look at his board:


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