Hey, everyone! I've been listening to a lot of Lincoln Brewster's stuff recently, and I've noticed that he leans pretty heavily on nice tap-tempo delays for his supper cool, neato verse riffs. I've only ever been using multi-effects units since I started playing electric about a couple years ago, and I'm not 100% sure how to use real delay pedals with tap tempos.

So here's one question - do you just tap in the tempo of the song your playing right on the spot? I know one could run into serious trouble if you set up your delay time for one tempo beforehand and then your drummer pulls fast or drags the tempo.

Another question - what's a good delay pedal to use that has tap tempos and different types of delays? I've seen a friend use the green Line 6 delay unit, but he didn't explain its operation, and he didn't even use it that much that I'm aware of.

I have some nice delays that I like on my Digi Tech Rp350, but in order to turn it on or off, you have to use the expression pedal, or you have to line up two presets next to each other - one with delay and one without. I like to be able to use the expression pedal to control other perimeters like amp drive or on/off for a distortion box or effects box model.

Yeah, this is lengthy, but I just really want to learn all I can.

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I just wrote a review of the TC Electronic Flashback x4. I just purchased it and would HIGHLY recommend it for a great tap tempo delay. It has great options and fantastic tone. I've used many delay pedals in the past, including: Line6 DL4, Eventide Timefactor, TC Electronic Nova Delay, and a few small stomp boxes. So far, for presets and other functionality, the Flashback x4 is the best on the market for the price. 

Check out my thoughts on it here: http://jordansteingraber.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/flashback-x4-vs-n...


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