Hi guys!

I'm into boutique pedals, and I'm curious to read about your faves and experiences. I run a pretty efficient board using my 1976 Ash Strat and running into my Fender Bassman '59 reissue. I ended up getting some boutique stuff because I got tired of losing the bottom end of my tone with regular over-the-counter pedals. Here's my boutique stuff:

Real McCoy RMC-01 Wah pedal
ZVex Box of Rock
BOSS Blues Driver Keeley Mod

The tone is unbelievable. The last addition was my Box of Rock, as I needed a real good distortion. They apparently wanted to create an analog pedal that would capture the sound of a fully cranked old Marshall JTM, and by golly, they succeeded! This pedal just sings...

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Paul's website lists the price of a "Timmy" at $129.99...but there is a two or three week waiting list. I checked it out last week. Maybe an old link, but seriously...$129.99.

If you mean 6 as a minimum volume, then you'll have to find a mighty big room. : )

Two weeks after I bought it, I went to the church by myself and played it for a brief period of time on 8. Very brief, because it physically hurt. That being said, it sounded really good. Not "worth losing my hearing" good, but very good.

Volume at 3 was a good compromise. Still good tone, still good hearing. A win-win situation.

Sounds like you're a fan of low-wattage amps cranked up. I enjoy those too...
The Box of Rock is my most used pedal! I rarely turn it off. It is the sweetest sounding overdrive pedal I have ever heard. I've had a lot of pedals and this is my all time favorite hands down! I also really like my Retrosonic Phaser. It is a replica of the Phase 90 but with added controls like level and depth. It is a subtle phase which I really like. I also really like the Fulltone OCD overdrive. It has a tighter distortion than the BOR when that is needed. Also, I've found that the combination of both the BOR and OCD is amazing. It's like another separate pedal. Some of my pedals.
Budda Wah
Zvex Box of Rock
Fulltone OCD
Retrosonic Phaser
MXR Micro Amp (boost)
Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde
If you haven't had a chance, check out the Blues Junior. With some inexpensive mods from billm they are killer amps for the money, and portable. Also I would recommend the MIAudio pedals. The Crunch Box is my desert island pedal for crunchy rhythm.
I have a very beefy DS-1 I've used with a ton of success. I did the mod myself. In my younger days I designed electronics for a local boutique guitar builder Bill Conklin. You can check it out at jimcoxmods.blogspot.com

Here's a lousy recording of stock stuff and then modded stuff into my high end $20 soundcard

I made a mistake...its a two to three MONTH waiting list. Sorry about that


Boutique is good, but keep an open mind & ear: There are some cool pedals that are dirt cheap too!

* The Arion SCH1 Chorus was an outstanding and quite a cheap, unboutique pedal.

* The PB&J Delay sounds beautiful and doesn't need true bypass if it's on most of the time!

* I prefer a $26 Chinese OD over my Fulltone OCD and ZenDrive for a lot of my gain tones.

Have fun checking out a host of pedals, budget & boutique, and find some cool tones.


Ech - I just played an Arion and it was awful. Any tips on which ones are good?


About overdrives - I've never found one that I liked until I bought my Jetter Red Square. I find that a lot of expensive overdrives sound just as bad and fizzy as any Boss or DOD.  I didn't like the Zendrive or the OCD well enough to replace my Boss SD1 and OD3. The Jetter has done that - easily. Amazing tone. 



I don't know about you Stevo, but a lot of players over-juice their overdrives, with just the result you describe. I've also found drive quality affected by amp and speakers, and wasn't really happy with overdrive tones until I started using an Alnico speaker in one of my amps.
What do you mean by "overjuice"? Run higher voltage through it?
I am a proud owner of the Fulltone 2 Mosfet - yes it's still boutique! Lol The FD2M, which is often mistaken to be a tube screamer clone, is actually based off of the Boss SD-1 (if you study the schematics and the clipping) and it seems that many people mistake the Boss SD-1 as a TS clone when it is much different. That being said the Fulldrive 2 has a vintage setting which has a mid-hump. A flat mids setting that takes away the mid hump from the vintage setting for a more transparent sound and a comp-comp setting which removes all compression and this setting is highly compared to the sound of the highly coveted Tim pedal. I use the comp-cut setting because i have another pedal that has a mid-hump sound.

I also have a V.1 Jekyll & Hyde by Visual Sound. It is known around the net as the "tin-box" and was actually made famous by Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong Live and Michael Guy Chislett of Hillsong United. According to the manual the overdrive side is based off the TS808 and uses the JRC4558 chip. The distortion side is an Boss MIJ DS-1 with a mids and bass control added and there are switches for further options for each sides of the pedal. Listen to any Hillsong albumn and you will hear it. This one is true bypass to where the newer ones are not, wierd how that works but Visual Sound claims that their new buffer circuits are better.


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