This is my favorite pedal right now. I just got this a few months ago, and in my opinion, it is the best pedal for ambient sounds! I use this with a Morley volume pedal, so that I could get rid of that initial strum (basically, I bring the volume pedal to the lowest point, strum, and gradually make the pedal rise so all you don't get the strum in the signal, with both pedals on), and I become a one man orchestra with this pedal. Absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it! I personally like it way more than Octo effects. I also wish someone had told me about this pedal years ago. So I'm here sharing this demo with you guys. Enjoy! God bless!

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I keep trying not to be too Boss heavy either, but for the money they are hard to beat
for alot of sounds! I'd grab the GE7 !! Ever since I started using eq's I never play without!!
Works great for boosting sound too if the sound guy needs more signal when running direct!


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