I am in process of finding a nifty nice amplier for church playing ... as you know, most amplifers are real loud and basically, when you crank them up, the sound guy does not have much control of the house sound .... so like to hear from you guys your experiences and what amps you have found works ...

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I have a mid-70's Bassman 100 head, but the one term I would not use to describe it is quiet. I kind of got the impression that the originator of the post was looking for something that sounded killer at low volumes.

I have an old Fender Twin (again, 70's w/no master volume) that sounds awesome, but sound people don't care for it at all b/c you need a big room to let that particular amp 'breathe'.
Bassman 50 was what I had in mind. And I meant clean headroom. In other words, it can be used quietly, sounds great and take pedals real well. I don't know why I don't have one actually. And frankly, any amp that is the correct volume for church when overdriven is probably going to be too quiet when turned down to clean levels. I think you need an amp with two channels or a good solid clean amp like a Bassman or Twin that can take pedals well when you want overdrive. A great two channel amp that sounds good overdriven and clean is the Blues Deluxe or Hot Rod Deluxe. They go for under $400 new all day long.
I'm right there with you - my preference is a good clean tone. You can always get a good overdrive pedal, but they don't make a pedal that will clean up an overdriven amp. : )

Didn't think about the Bassman 50 -- I have been indoctrinated by the Bassman 100. My favorite thing on that amp is to plug channel one into channel two... : )
Correction - $400 used.
I take it that this means that the value increased once folks knew I had one. : ) I am honored... : )
I have been a huge Line 6 fan for a long time. My first nice amp was the Axsys 212. More recently I had been using a variax 700 into a pod x3 live right into the house. I could get some great tones but it seemed to dissapear in the mix. I sold both and was able to get a PRS SE, a Crate Palomino V16, and a Line 6 M13 stompbox modeler. The Crate Palomino is a discontinued tube amp that was made in the USA and Vietnam for Guitar Center. Apparently there were some quality issues with the Vietnamese made amps. Mine was made in the US and sounds wonderful. The fact that I was able to get it for $125 on craigslist helped alot too. Do a search and read some reviews on them, a great tube amp for a great price. Everything I read about all he palomino amps said that all versions were great. I saw a 5watt Palomino V8 go for $80 on ebay, just didnt have the cash.
I find that my sound guy always wants me to turn it down so that he has control in the house sound, but then he doesn't turn it up in the mix and no one can hear it. (Several comments to this point...) Maybe I'm a terrible player but he's not willing to tell me?


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