To upload our songs to here, or anywhere, we need a program that'll do it. Audacity will work. It will convert your songs to mp3s I have ben told. I was told it is probably the best. So I went looking for the Audacity program.
Now I have Audacity and it'll record songs fine. However to export the song as an mp3 Audacity has to have access to a file called the "Lame mp3 encoder", which I'm sure everyone knows who uses Audacity. But I have found it impossible to find Lame! Every link I click, and I do mean every one! that claimes to be the encoder actually leads to a whole list of links that are everything execpt the encoder! ... So, I need help! I need to ask if someone who has already gotten that file will upload it, if it wouldn't be too much trouble? I'm begining to feel pretty lame myself!

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Thanks John! I recorded a test song and exported it to my desktop. It worked fine. Thank you very much for the help. Now as I understand it, I will never have to do any of this again because now Audacity will automaticly remember where to locate this file. I think.
That is correct.
Glad I could help.
Glad someone was able to help you. I have "blade" and don't know what I'll do if I ever lose it, because I can't find it anymore either, lol!
I believe I will leave this discussion open in case anyone else ever needs this same help. Then they will have this answer to find!
I convert mine in itunes by right clicking on the format and it offers the opportunity to convert to mp3. It's really simple but I have a Mac so maybe that's why it's simple. It may be time to come over to the dark side.
The iTunes mp3 converter software does a great job & can be used on PC's too. Windows Media Player also offers mp3 conversion. Both have a more proven track record than Audacity.
how does it do that? I have never ben able to find any way to use Windows Media Player to convert songs!
If you are ripping from a cd, here is a tutorial:


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