This song was inspired by seeing the side of God as Mighty, Flawless King. And that He in all his perfection would even acknowledge us.. We who are so imperfect and sinful. But out of his great love He calls our name and draws us to himself... UNBELIEVABLE how awesome He is...
This song is written from the perspective (almost an Isaiah approach) where the person sees the Majesty and Wonder of God and see's the sinfulness of his own nature apart from God. Then beholds the wonderful love and grace of the Lord to want to draw him near. This is all of us.

Maybe He'll Let Me See His Face
Brian Cooney ©2009 Revivalbeat Music

How can I approach this King of glory?
So far above me in every way
How can I behold this God of gods?
Maybe He'll turn to me and extend his scepter towards me
Maybe He'll let me see His face

How can I be worthy of this love
He turned to me and called my name
How can I be standing in this place
He lavished His mercy on me, and His blood He has poured upon me
For I am a sinner saved by grace

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I look forward to it.
God bless you.


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