Well, mostly just to see if we can get anything going in here again, here's a song I wrote about three years back, based loosely on Pslam 76.  I don't think this is one of my better ones, which means I'll be more willing than usual to make changes here and there.  What does anybody think?  Up to and including fixing the title so it actually matches some portion of the lyric :-)

As before, I suppose my main question would be... if you were a worship leader with authority to bring "unpublished" songs to use with your band, would you consider this one?  If not, why not?  If you'd be interested in doing something modified from this, would love to hear what you'd do with it, as well.

The highest mountains / cannot compare

To your glory, Lord / to your glory

The deepest oceans / cannot compare

To your glory, Lord. To your glory

Your name, O Lord, it is / great in this land

Mighty in power / above all you stand

Whatever deeds we do,

They are nothing compared to you.  (chorus)

The earth trembles / when you speak

You punish wickedness / you help the weak

Whatever songs we sing,

They are just a silent offering.  (chorus twice)

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Hey Charles! I think you have a good start here, but you could work further on it in my opinion. The song needs a bridge. Just a simple bridge that you could sit on for a bit and just worship. The music has a bit of a dated feel, but that's probably coming mostly from that organ sound. That's just personal preference though. :) Thanks for sharing your song! I'd love to hear a bit of a revamp with a bridge if you did one.

I am going to work on this, just a lot of other things going on.


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