Break me open and pour me out
Cause I'm so full of myself

I want to be, broken
I want to be, broken
I want to be, open
to you

My foolish pride, and complacency
Keep me blinded, from seeing my need

Cause where I am right now
Is where I want to be
And who You are right now
Is all I want to see

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Very lovely song great job on the guitar and vocals. Lord break my will, I want only to be under your will.
Sincerely Carlos
Wow that is sweet! I can see this becoming the next "Breathe".
Lyrically I really like it with the exception of the the line, "full of myself" which reminds me of being rowdy more than self centered which is what I am assuming you meant.
I wanted to sing 'break me open and pour me out cause I'm so full of my fears and doubts
Which doesn't convey the intent you had but it works well in the rhyming scheme.
It's a lovely song and your guitar work is great. I would love to hear some harmony on the chorus.
Beautiful, prayerful song. I like the tenderness.


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