Yeah! I figured it out! Here is a song a wrote a few years ago that I am rather fond of. I imagined countless worshippers singing it when I wrote it and so far it hasn't happened and maybe with the help of this group I can make it better and someday I will see those countless worshippers singing it!

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Dear Bizzy, Their is one other thing to think about, something I overlooked and if I would of thought of it I would of had two songs getting air play. I would acctually have two versions, one under 4 minutes for radio and one for church. unless you are Third day, Chris Tomlin or Lincoln Brewster, someone like that, it's hard to get it played, and then if it's too long they may not even listen to it. Now I have a copy of the indie bible, it's all the indepentant stations that you can send it too. So if you do get a chance to record it, keep me in mind and I will get you a copy. Also Go to and they have a submit music area. This lady is great and knows a lot of people. She is the lady that sent my song, "There's a light to New York" They liked it but it was all the jazz stuff I recorded so it kind of hurt. If I were you I would submitt some of my old stuff because it's good stuff then see if there is an interest. after she listen to my stuff she called me right at home. so that was cool. Well just thinking about you. God Bless you and prosper you wonderful ministry. Bill
Bizzy This is great! I really like it!


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