I am on the hunt for an electric piano for our church. I'm trying to find a really nice one that will hold up a long time, fulfill the needs of our church, and have great sound.

I stopped at a piano gallery today but the only brand they had was Roland....and unfortunately I wasn't able to play one to determine sound since they were having piano lessons at the time.
I attended a church years ago that had a Yamaha Clavinova and really liked the sound from it.
I currently have a Yamaha Portable Grand Piano and a Casio Keyboard which I really like but I've heard better sound out of the Clavinova.

I know all this boils down to opinion but I need imput on the various brands of electric pianos out there........Roland, Yamaha, Casio, Korg, etc.

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For pianos, Yamaha seems to be hard to beat on a budget. I'd also look at Kurzweil.
I almost exclusively use Korg stuff in my studio, so you know I'm not biased for either of the other two brands. :)
For what it's worth; I'd be willing to drive some distance to be sure I got exactly what I wanted and at the best price.
Sometimes it pays to shop around. There are some reputable eBay dealers out there, too (Nova music comes to mind).

Good luck!

Depends on what you want I really like Korg Keyboards and Yamaha Keyboards and would rather have a something with alot more sound options than a straight Piano. Best Idea is go to a shop that sells lots of different brands and get them all demod. I am selling my Hardware keyboards and buying a computer based system as the samples for pianos are better and it is alot cheaper if you already have a decent computer to use.
Shane, there are two different types of electronic musician, and neither is "right" or "wrong" for everyone...
But I would encourage you to deeply research going the VSTi route before selling off your hardware synths.
Personally, I couldn't live with just a generic controller and a bunch of software, no matter how good it was supposed to sound.
I suppose I split the difference, going with an OASYS. It's a hardware instrument that runs on Linux, and can accept additional synthesizer types, sample libraries and plug-in effects via software, but there's really more to it than any VSTi or softsynth system, or even the Open Labs stuff.
I've just heard too many horror stories of "soul-less" PC-based studios and very gifted musicians losing their inspiration being faced with nothing but software instruments. It might be great for you...Just be sure what you're getting into before you sell stuff off...

What program are you going to use?
Thank you both for the input.
I've heard a lot of people promoting Korg ~ I'll have to check into that.
I've never heard of Kurzweil. I am trying to find a piano store that carries a variety of brands so I can demo & compare them....not an easy task.
Thanks for the help! Anymore opinions, thoughts, etc are appreciated.
Not just Piano stores, be sure to try regular music stores as well. Guitar Center, etc may have several demos on hand to try out. Good luck!
I have played Kurzweil for years... They were great keyboards! In recent years I have been moving away from them because their quality is not what it used to be. Their piano sounds are not true samplings anymore... If you want true Piano feel and sounds, Yamaha is the way to go. But, that's my opinion... Guitar Center is GREAT!
Years ago I was told that Yamaha held 50% of the shares of Korg, if that is true it tells you what Yamaha thinks of Korg!

My personal experience: when it comes to synths I go for Korg. It is the most user-friendly brand I have ever tried. Roland ranks way low for me. But when it comes to stage pianos for church, I'm quite OK with Roland, since the functions (and therefore user-friendliness) are a lot less important. And I prefer the sound and action of a Roland stage piano to that of the Korg pianos I have tried.

Clavinovas? I don't have recent experience with them. I checked them out a few years ago. The sound was OK for me, but I didn't like the action that much. Kurzweil is popular in some Singapore churches and pubs (???) but I never understood why. Never found Kurzweil pianos appealing in any way.

There, my opinionated self proudly displayed! :)
I know Yamaha has something to do with Korg because I have had to open up 2 different Korg keyboards for repair and guess what I found in both? A Yamaha circuit board! That's strange for me because I'm not a Yamaha fan. I only use Korg keyboards. I love their programs and their ease of use. Be blessed
Actually I think Kotah sold part of KORG to Yamaha at one time (but bought it back later). You can read it up on SOS mag's 40th years of KORG story a little while back.

"This is not as strange as it sounds: Katoh's relationship with Yamaha had flourished since Keio Electronic had built rhythm units for Yamaha organs in the 1960s, and it appears that Yamaha had owned a small stake in Keio/Korg for many years"


But it says later that Katoh had bought some or all of those shares (1993).

"But maybe the year's biggest news was something that was never announced, except perhaps to the company's shareholders. Thanks to the products developed using the funds from Yamaha's cash injection in 1987, the previous five years had been very successful, and Tsutomu Katoh now had some cash at his disposal. In fact, he had enough to buy out the majority of Yamaha's share in Korg. So he did."
If you only want piano sounds, then I'd say go for the Kurzweils. They are amazing. But you'll quickly realize that sometimes you don't need a piano sound for the music and might need an extra keyboard. To cover that, Korg should be your best option. The Triton Extreme has incredibly powerful sounds, and unattainable polyphony. Plus, the touch screen makes it very user-friendly. Go with the Korg.
You have a great point, Eli! I must admit I didn't think of the possible need for extra synth stuff. :) I'm not too hot about touch screen, I don't think it works well under performance stress. But memorizing a few key patches isn't really difficult. Korg rules! :)


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