What is the best wireless system to use for an acoustic/electric guitar?

I have been using the Samson Airline system. The only problem I have is the distance I can be away from the receiver. The instructions state that the signal can reach up to 50 m (164 ft) but if the receiver isn't at least 10ft from me my signal cuts out. Any suggestions?

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It has been a while since I have used a wireless. I play acoustic, electric and bass guitars. I eventualy want to get wirelesses for all. I used to use a sure true diversity unit with my bass and it seems that my range was about three hundred feet (Line of sight.) I know that I am looking at an evelution head set unit for my wife. If they make a guitar unit, I would be VERY interested in looking at it. At any rate, I think that ant true diversity system should give you more range. Don't be afraid to call your local guitar store (Guitar Center here! [Sorry for the shameless plug! lol]) and play 20 questions with them. Good luck in your search. Please let me know how it turns out.

Musically Serving Him,
I know quite a few musicians who found out the hard way when looking for a wireless to be sure to know the details of other wireless units in use by your sound tech and other members of the band (particularly when using something like the airline, that is fixed to a particular channel).

I thought that Sennheiser & Shure made some decent wireless units. After my last wireless unit died, I determined I would use a cord for 6 months before I replaced it and I have never gone back.

Keith, have you tested this in multiple situations? I mean, is it just at the church when you have this problem or is it like that anywhere? This might help diagnose any environmental issues. My old wireless used to work great at my house, but the building we were in made it do all sorts of strange things (not that the wiring in old church buildings is always strange). Sometimes I would pick up CB communication more than my guitar signal...I wonder if they could hear my guitar. You might also check with Z (bass) @ CFWC b/c I think he's got an airline as well. Not sure if he uses it at the church anymore.
Well, As a Sound engineer and Musician I recommend anything from Shure. However for a Bass I would not use Wireless unless your playing stadium show's and are using the best equipment out there. I say that because the lower end Wireless only transmits certain frequency ranges and you will lose a lot of low end that your bass resinates using Wireless. Just my 2 cents worth.
I also realized that I rarely travel more than 10-15 feet from my amp or other gear. Seemed to defeat the point. : )
Whatever you get be sure to check the bandwidth. Concerning wireless anything I understand that when the TV stations go digital in February all wireless systems running in the 700 mhz range will be illegal. Our church has a Sennhauser wireless tie clip mic that cost $500 and I guess will be illegal come Feb. Oh well! (Only in America)
The official word from the FCC is here - check out 'number 8'.

I use an Audio Technica UHF system (pre 3000 series). It works great for my Ovation. I love the freedom of not having a cable dragging behind me. We don't have any frequency issues in our area. We also don't have to contend with the digital regulations that my American friends do, at least not for a couple of years.
The only advise I have is don't buy a system based on price alone - junk is junk no matter how you tweak it!


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