I just got a new set of strings for my acoustic, Red Brand. I'm wondering how other people like them. I do like the tone, they've brought some extra bass to my Taylor 710 BCE and are overall warm without being dark.  I've only had them on for two weeks and have played very little during that time, so it's hard to tell how they will hold up. They are not coated, but apparently last longer than standard strings due to the higher copper content. Maybe. I usually use EXP16's for this guitar. 


I won't say they blow me away, but they do sound nice. I'm inclined to get them again if they hold up. the reviews were mixed, some hated them, some loved them. I thought they were worth a try.


By the way, the guitar is a Taylor 710 cutaway with Brazilian back and sides and Engleman top. It's usually very bell-like in tone and can be very bright with a thinner pick. It's very well balanced and very much at home finger picking or strumming. However, it's not a bluegrass cannon. And yet, these strings have moved it into bluegrass territory. I suppose if I strung it with mediums, it would be much more boomy.


So here are the question (s):


- Have you tried these strings? 


- If you have, how long did they last?


- Do you like them? Do you hate them?


- What guitar do you have them on?


- What do you like/hate about them?


- If you hate them, what strings do you prefer?


Thanks in advance...


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