Hi, very occasionally when doing worship I stop playing and do a bit of drumming on my guitar. I would love to be able to to this with a passion from time to time. 


Any thoughts/advice/experience.............. anything at all, would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you. God Bless. Lorraine



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Hi, I apologise in advance for not knowing if there is a technical term for this, so I was at a loss as to what to call the discussion........I have just been on YouTube and watched a guy playing rhythm and drumming together, it had a really full sound. God Bless. Lorraine
Actually I saw this done really well on TV about a decade back. A couple playing Spanish/Latin style of music, with the male playing a lot of percussive type of sounds. I don't remember but the band, but this is something on YouTube that is very similar.


There is actually a whole underground movement about guys who play different parts of the guitar that sound different and they even map them to drum sounds.


Playing the guitar with a condenser makes it easy to amplify the sound. Not sure if a Piezo pickup would do as well, but I have honestly never tried. The type of body cavity will affect the sound a lot. A larger body guitar will give a much more full sound. Like playing the congas, hitting or tapping the body close to a joint or a edge will produce a high pitch sound. Never liked playing too close to the sound hole. You may have to add some dampening to avoid unwanted string vibration. I believe that is why Paolo has cloth stuck into the strings just above the nut, at the headstock.

I liken it to a box like Latin instrument called the Cajon (actually some people say it's not really Peruvian, brought over by African slaves, but you get the idea. I'm more familiar with the Afro-Cuban style). I also remember many times playing late night jam sessions on a guitar case, in impromptu hallways performance at University or on a retreat.


Bottom line, if it works for you, knock yourself out. Work your way around your guitar, try to find some different sounds. Experiment, find out what works for you. I've seen some amazingly wacky things that sounded great. My only warning is that you if your guitar has a unfinished or lightly finished top, aggressive taping may wear it down quickly. Acid and sweat from your hands, along with the moisture and impact may warp the top or form grooves or a depression. But maybe you'll view that as adding character to your guitar. ;)
Careful though I've actually put a hole and a crack through ,my guitar doing just that. Fortunately there was a member in our congregation that was able to repair the crack for free for me. God Bless him.

My guitar actually has a half dollar plus sized hole in it now. Some due to strumming some to drumming and also by my 3 year old boy playing with daddy's guitar.. :)
Edward, I guess I am not quite that adventurous, but yes, I could imagine that happening, and I would be devasted if that happened.

Yes, children and guitars are not a good combination. If children come to my house the first thing they do is go to the guitars and fiddle with the tuning, I watch like a hawk - you can spill your juice on the sofa, set the carpet alight but 'keep your hands off' the guitars. Maybe I should get a notice put up.......my husband says if there was a fire in our house, I would rescue the guitars before him, he may well be right : )
Wayne, thank you so much, this is a great help. You have really put yourself out with this, and I so appreciate it. I need time to take it all in (back to work after the hols) but I fully intend to - thanks again. Lorraine
capo? did you say capo : ) Actually that makes good sense, I know when I have done a bit of drumming, I sometimes play the chord shape and drum with my other hand and get a kinda toned drumming sound. It's quite effective in the right setting.

Hope you are well Bruce. God Bless.



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