I'm thinking of getting a Crafter TA 50 Triple Vintage Parlour guitar, close to an OM size. I also have a Washburn WD-80 dreadnot. Anyone know this guitar or had any experience with the parlour size guitars? It sounded good for finger style and thought it might be a good travel guitar.

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I think the best I have seen and played is the Larrivee Parlor Guitar.


If your looking for a good travel guitar, I use a Seagull Coastline Cedar Grand Guitar for travel that's been pretty reliable. I am generally on the road 2 nights a week. It's good for finger style and adequate for strumming. It stays in tune fairly well which can be a problem for travel guitars. I played Martin's Backpacker guitar. I tuned it and by the time I got to the last string the first one was already out of tune again.

I have an old Gibson parlour guitar that was made back in the 1960's . It has a good sound but I prefer my Martin DX1K
for live performance and recording.


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