Just wondering how often you guys change your guitar strings...and how much you play your guitar inbetween changing them. I know I don't change mine nearly as often as I should but i'm thinking I should change them about every 3 months probably....

Obviusly depends how often you play your guitar but what do you think?

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I change mine about once a month. However, that is when I am playing fairly often (A couple times a week.). I also use Elixer strings so they last a bit longer.
I change mine when it rusts.
But I recommend changing it once a month for better performance.
God bless everybody in this site.
lol...your g string breaks!! one time in college i was rehearsing with the worship band and one of the guys popped a string, looks down and says "oh man i'm gonna need a new g string"...it was pretty funny. maybe you had to be there...but i'll be the guy that laughs everytime someone mentions breaking a g string. and shamelessly laughing at that. haha.

bless you brother,
Your not the only one who thinks the g-string breaking is funny. My g-string breaks often. In our band there is a regular request for a g-string.
Amen. I think that whoever invented the guitar said, "We'll make this an E, this an A, this a D, and this will be a G string, and this one a..." And then he began laughing uncontrollable like a 7th grader. I used to have a problem snapping G strings, but I finally got my wife to stop giving me wedgies.

Inappropriate? Maybe. Funny?

Maybe. ;)
Agree with Mark Buck. I find I'm changing mine about once or twice a month. It would probably be about once every 2 weeks, but finances keep me from changing them as much as I would like to.
I'm playing mine at LEAST twice a week, sometimes alot more.
I love Elixer strings, but they always seem to break on me really easy. dont know why???!!!

blessings to you all as well!!!

love in Christ,
Tonya :)
I used to work at a local music store (Guitars & More for the locals) back in the day. I would see at least one or two Taylors a month that had an issue with breaking Elixir strings. This may not work for you, but it was successful a good 90% of the time (when there was not a burr or something like that).

There is this beautiful paste called graphitall that you can apply to the nut and bridge prior to putting on your new strings. If your strings break b/c of friction, this miracle substance will greatly extend the life of your prior easily-broken strings.

Oh yeah, they also break if you play too hard, but none of us do that.... : )
I had that problem with my Taylor as well. I had a guy file the nut and use the graphite stuff. I finally fixed the problem by switching to Ernie Ball Earthwoods.
I use something called "Nut Sauce" - a silicon gel that you place on the bridge and nut before you put strings back on. Haven't broken a string on my Taylor since.
I used to change my strings every couple of weeks because I played so often and they lost their brightness. However, I try to maintain them every couple months. I think it has to do with how they are exposed...do you keep your guitar in the case or leave your guitar out. I keep my good guitar cased up with and humidified. I also use D'addario light gauge Phopspher bronze strings. I am happy with the sound as long as they don't tarnish (they are affordable if you buy them at the right place). i used elixer strings but saw my money wasted as I kept breaking strings. My D's are pretty reliable for me. I was told that if you lose elixer strings there is a special graphite product you can put on the saddle.

Anyways...When they tarnish...they are so hard to keep the brightness in sound.
I use Elixer nanoweb and I change them about every 4-6 months (depending on how much I'm playing). I used polywebs but they don't have as nice a sound on my Ovation. I very seldom break strings. If you break alot of the same strings, you probably have a burr on the nut or the saddle. I know this seems like a long time between changes, but they really do last a long time.
I also use Elixers on my electric - again, nice sound and feel!
Hey Paul! I initially though it wa a burr but I don't break any other strings besides the Elixers. I love the feel of the Elixers...too rich for my blood to break one all of the time.


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