Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I play a Taylor 315 jumbo. Wonderful sound and can really handle some heavy strumming. The expression system is great.

Oh yeah, the sound cannon! What do you thk of Bob Taylor's new model the Grand Synphony which is, what I'd say, a 15/16 jumbo?

My everyday guitar is a Gretsch Rancher Junior. Its light and has a lower profile than a full size dreadnaught, It's black and has all bronze hardware. But I've about played the frets smooth, so I'll soon need to see about getting it re-fretted. But my Baby is a 1957 Epiphone Texan with a mahogany body. The finish has some serious checking and some of the trim work is rough, but its the best sound I've ever heard! It'll play without amplification to a large room full of people. But I did have a Barcus-Berry Insider installed. Its a passive, piezo pickup so its best used with a body pack so it has a pre-amp. Still sounds awesome.Truthfully, its held up better than my Gretsch, and its only a few years old!

parker p9en

I play a Taylor 614ce, love it and big blessing from the Lord.

Taylors are great and I would have one except that I just can't play full body acoustics. But I'm still loving both of my Carvin's, AC275 and AC375, excellent guitars and awesome tones plugged in!!

I Play a Alvarez PD85SCAV Rosewood sides and back Cedar top or a Alvarez ADCK60 Figured DAO top sides and back. Both have the 600 series Preamp/Tuner AJ

Hey everyone, here is an update on all my equipment. I donated the Jasmine mini-jumbo to a church and sold the Ovation to my brother's step-son at the time. I still have the Alvarez (which is now a D to D guitar) and the Fender and Epiphone...well now I have two Epiphones. A few months ago, I made the wise decision not to kick myself in the butt and get a 125th Anniversary Epiphone Advanced Jumbo 12-string for $150 and it was well worth the investment. Now to work toward getting a baritone!

I haven't been around in a while but I changed directions in the way I do worship and sticking to acoustic and sold off everything and got a Taylor 314CE and got some gold Gohtoh 510 delta series locking tuners, love this guitar! Got to pay off some bills with the rest from what I sold and gave my 2 electric guitars to my 2 sons!

I have moved on to
1 Godin Acoustacaster natural with maple neck (sold two other guitars to help pay for it) The worship team tell me it is the right thing for what I do!
2 Fender Malibu (ply top but I keep getting ask about the great sound)

Well, it'seems time I update. I sold all my electric gear and my thinline acoustics because the Lord is leading us in a new direction that I will need a full size acoustic that can be plugged in also. So, I have a new Taylor 314CE and a year old donated to me Martin X Series Custom. I guess just the second part is new, I forget what forums I posted on and see I already did on the Taylor, lol!

I also added gold tuners and abalone inlayed bridge pins on the Martin and high gloss tung oiled the top and back of the neck, I just don't like flat or satin finishes much.


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