Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I play my a semi acoustic Jasmine TS93C ( (By Takamine)

I really love this guitar it is my first 'expensive' guitar and I still play it almost every day!
This guitar has one downside...

You really should amplify the guitar in order to get the sound I'm in love with. Especially when you play in homegroups where you normally don't use an amp. But in church (where I use a VOX amp) this is such an awesome guitar!!! :)

Here is a little picture...

Washburn Acoustic Electric, unsure of the model. Strings, it varies every time I purchase them. Currently D'Addario.
Well... I have been really blessed and have a few acoustics...
McPherson MG4.5 Macassar Striped Ebony/Redwood
Baden "A" Angkor Wat/Sitka Spruce
Baden "D" Rosewood/European Spruce
Baden "A" Ovangkol/Cedar
Taylor 614ce Maple/Sitka
Breedlove Pro Rosewood/Cedar

All really great guitars!! If you have never checked our Baden Guitars you should!! They are a hand built guitar from a great company!

I play different strings on each as they all have their own sound.
J Ketchum, I now officially hate you. Nobody should have a McPherson, Taylor AND a Breedlove. Luccckkkkyyyy.
Hi, there are lots of mentions of Taylors and Ovations on here, fabulous guitars, but way out of my price range. Are they cheaper in the United States than the UK, or are yous all wealthy musicians?

What is your price range? Muscians Friend has a big selection to choose from!

RainSong WS1000 Stereo for On Board Blender & Rare Earth Pickup (I used to work for RainSong when they were here on Maui so this guitar was custom built by me), Taylor 614 CE w/ Fishman On Board Blender (great overall acoustic guitar that does well for strumming and fingerpicking/Slack key), Taylor KLSM Koa Jumbo w/ Fishman Acoustic Matrix (this guitar has the warmest tone with a smooth high end to it and works well for jazz to slack key styles), Godin Nylon Multiac Synth Access (this guitar is my workhorse, good balanced sound and easy on the hand and when plugged into the synth GR-33 it just blows minds).
I play a Breedlove Atlas series acoustic w/ fishman electronics
I've been playing guitar for 2 years now. The first year I started with a Fender 6 string (student type) and last June I acquired a Fender 12 string. I fell in love at first strum. I hit a G chord and found the sound I'd been desiring to make. I did buy a students electric guitar (Esteban) but find it too hard to keep tuned! I haven't learned enough about how versitil one can be with guitar's so, the electric is just used by my nephew when he visits. I'm having a great time leading worship with the 12 string though. God just recently took me into the relm of writing, and lo and behold I found myself almost picking the 12 string!! I've never done that before in fact didn't even think you could. I love playing.
Twelve-string guitars have such a beautiful sound. Glad you are enjoying worshiping the Lord on one!:D
My main acoustic is a 1985 Alvarez-Yari DY51, with an LR Baggs. Best feeling acoustic I've ever played and great sound, wouldn't trade it for the world! I got it from my dad, traded him a Yahama acoustic for it (his idea, not mine). I also play an Ovation Legend 12 string, model 1156. Not sure of the year, probably early to mid-80's. I had a Fishman put it in it a couple of years ago. I also got that one from my dad. No trade, he just gave it to me.
I play a Martin HD35, currently. I have been playing the Martin D16RGT. That guitar is currently listed for sale on ebay. I used to play an Aria Martin Look-alike until it was stolen. I played it since 1973. It had developed an awesome sound and I was bummed when I lost it. Then I tried another lower end Martin Look alike specially modified as an easy play style but I didn't like the sound so I sold it quickly and bought the D16RGT. Now I have moved up to this higher end Martin and I love it. Can't wait for it to age like my 1973 Aria.


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