Ok gang, ever have one of those worship services that just isn't working. Folks aren't engaging, songs are just dead or empty, you're wondering what's happening & what to do? Happened to me last & I was constantly wondering what to do about it???

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Steve - that's REALLY tough. I was there 18 months ago, the congregation really didn't want to sing with me. After 2 meetings of struggle I caved and gave them what they wanted, which was CD music through the PA, where they didn't have to partially carry responsibility for how worship happened.It may be that things aren't *that* bad in your church, and you can work with the people with just a guitar (as I'd have been happy to do).

I started a new worship team just a few weeks ago with the blessing of the rest of the leadership, and that's coming together well. In another couple of weeks I think we'll be starting to lead meetings. The church is different, with a new attitude and heart to worship, and some of the previous key figures have moved on.

Sometimes a little separation is necessary (as Paul and Timothy found out).  Today I went shopping at a big-box grocery store across from the high school at noon -- amazed to see dozens of students in the store at their lunchtime.  On the way out I saw one holding a big slice of pizza, and remarked "is the lunch not that good at the high school?"  (really, the big-box pizza isn't that good).  He smiled, beamed actually, and replied, "It's the freedom.  We're just out of there for an hour."  I told him I would have done the same (I did, too - took a bag and enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich every day in some far corner of the campus).  Freedom is beautiful and precious, if used well.

As a worshiper for over 25 years now i think i can help where is your venue. This happen when i went to Ohio but the Holy SPIRIT help him and people began to worship even the pastor was shocked. email me showyourgift@hotmail.co.uk.

stay bless it is well 


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