Just to see the average around, How many songs do you do for Sunday morning Worship and how long is your Worship time And do you have a set time frame you can use?

Before I hurt my back we would do 5 songs most weeks for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour depending on prayer and prophetic song etc.

Since I hurt my back I can only go about a half hour so we had to cut back to 4 songs.

Being the senior Pastor I have no set time limit, only what I can do or what the Lord gets me through if He desires more.

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First service:  Three sets of two songs each, sandwiched among Greeting and Children's Sermon.  Second service:  four sets of one hymn each, at various places in the service.  (quite a change from my former church - both AM and PM:  two sets of 45 min to an hour each, with corporate prayer, fire tunnels, etc. simultaneously with the songs, and a song for offertory which might lead in to more).

Here's our format :) hope this helps

Forgive my terminologies ok? :) Don't know the right words

OPENING (Ave 20 minutes):

1. Happy Song (Old)

2. Happy Song or Mellow Song (New) - will be the succeeding week's first song (if response is good)

3. Mellow Song (Old) - Something like "How Great is our God"

------ Opening Prayer

------ Message

CLOSING (Ave 20 minutes):

4. Song related directly to the message

------ closing prayer

------ then we sing bridge and chorus(2x) again.

5. Happy Song (May be new or old) - will be the succeeding week's last song (depending on the response)

6. Happy Song (Old)

You DO know the right words.  I wouldn't know how to beat your terminology for accuracy, conciseness and beautiful, wonderful lack of the types of terminology people pick up at worship seminars.

I share your back pain - just had two spine surgeries in the past 4 months.

We are mostly in the "fixed time" camp in the sense that we have a formula that is used most of the time:

1) Open with modern worship song

2) Prayer

3) Two more modern worship songs

5) Announcements etc., varies

4) Two traditional hymns, either with piano only, or the praise team ensemble

5) Ministry of the Word

6) Closing song - varies

People sometimes hint at doing it different every once in a while. I don't disagree, but it's truly more work than most people realize to gear up for a new format.

Our musical portion seems to add up to about 25 minutes on most days. The ministry of the Word is considered paramount and it gets a full 40 minutes.

Firstly we are an medium to large sized anglican church in England (300 adult attendees - nb in the C of E this is large!).  For our morning service we tend to run as follows:

The whole service runs for 1hr 15mins usually, rarely beyond 1hr 30 (or else the kids group leaders can get stuck!)

Opening song (child friendly or well known)


Three songs of praise (children usually leave in last song)

Readings/prayers/notices etc

One or two songs


One or two songs to finish with


In the evening we are much more informal and follow the Vineyard/New Wine model of:


Perhaps 4 or 5 songs, 20 minutes to half hour


Then additional songs during ministry perhaps a further 4 or 5 songs


Total service length 1hr 30mins


Varies depending on the response of the spirit in the congregation.  Songs vary as well.  Often a moving target.  Today was 10:30 to 12 noon.  Great service.  Not always that long but it's awesome when it is...

I greet them

2 fast songs

1 moderate song

2 slow songs

free worship and time to hear from the Holy Spirit

pastor closes



altar call and appropriate song

pastor closes


singing time totals 30-45min depending on free worship


our former pastor was always telling me to shorten the singing. He wanted 25 minutes at the most. our new pastor wants longer singing time. all good for me!!

unfortunately that's all the good i can say about our new pastor, so i'm looking for a new job :-(



Looks like what you do is very simular to me, except for the Pastor part, I am the Pastor, so that helps alot.

I will be praying for you.

I just wanted to add that it is great to have that freedom to be lead by the Spirit and not man, everything needs to be done in order but not controled by man.

God Bless you.

we generally start with an expresso defining briefly what the service will cover then two songs, first one usually secular

then we do brief announcements on upcoming church events with a short prayer, then three songs one will usually be a hymm medley in the middle of the three. then service and then offering and prayer with a send off song song usually from one of the five previously but not always. the first service is taped for our other campus but second service is when we do baby dedications and baptisms in the jacuzzi just off stage. the whole service is carefully timed and lasts usually about an hour, we have two sunday services at about 450 each and we are going to a third Sunday service on Easter and keeping it. then this fall we will add another service on saturday night as we staff up. music will be shortened to accomodate dedications and baptisms.

thats one of the hard things about multipal sevices, things need to be timed perfectly. I always pray for a bigger church but also to try to keep the sevices far enough apart to beable to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit and not be constrained by time. I feel for you, thats alot of work and will be praying for you. I love to hear about church's that are growing. Praise God.

should worship songs follow a strict script of how many times you do each part of the song or should there be some flexibility for the Holy Spirit to move?


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