Well, that last discussion was GREAT.  I enjoyed reading the discussion and ideas there and putting up the video of the discussion.  

Just for fun, I would like to hear your input on some of your favorite chord progressions.  Like what you play when you are alone in the house, or when you're in the guitar store trying out some of the more expensive guitars in that little glass acoustic room with all the cool guitars ... not that any of us are that worldly... 


If we get a good discussion on this, I'll put the results up in video like last time

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thats exactly what i meant. Thanks
I love the Bm-A-G chord progression along with a tag of D-G

Bm- x24230

A- x04030


then to the D step down the bass line to the Db the jump to the G with same chord as above
Yeah, that G (3x403x) is what I did "Silent Night"; for fun, have you tried the fingering for the G with a high F#?


Or drop the low G and add an A (high E, 5th fret), then drop to an A7:

x04035 (G2 inversion .aka. G2/A)
x02023 (A7)
Wow... How many gorgeous progressions are there? Hmmm... Okay, here's one that's probably my fav:

E/G# (404400)
A2 (002200)
B (024400)

Another one that's nice to hear and pretty similar is...

Amaj7 (002120) [you can use an A2 here too]
E/G# (404400)
A/F# (202200)
B (024400)
Here are some chords I like. What you do with them is up to you...

E5 022400
E/G# 422400
F#m11 244200
The other E/G# I know is

E/G#: 4x2450

It's *very* similar, but allows it to become a Bsus/G#, which can be handy -- watch

4x2450 Bsus/G#
4x2440 B(openE)/G#

These are good chords for Lincoln Brewster's "Amazed".
Very cool!

I like this E: 4x245x

Sometimes called G#/E, it is an E. (G# is the 3rd in the key of E: E, F#, G# -- whole, whole, half, whole, ... )


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