I don't know about you but dont you just love it when your at home practicing by the computer playing or singing along with your favorite worship song and then you can just feel His Presence in the room


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yea I know what you mean. I practice new tunes and brush up on old ones by playing along on the computer. Often I find myself just falling into a time of worship. Those are some great times.
Anything done for God is worship. Even our rehearsals. That is the great thing about our God!
I only play along with the computer or CD when I am learning a new song, but when at home alone, I pick up my guitar and worship. Those are the best times ever for me. No pressure, and free as a bird to worship straight from your heart. I don't think of it as practice, but I guess in a way it is, 'cos it's the nearest thing to practice that I do. I find amazing things come out of those special times and I am able to reach a depth of worship that I never reach when in front of people. I find it is at those times, when the Lord blesses and equips me and when growth in my worship takes place.
Are you allowed to worship like that in church Lorraine?
In my home church - no chance!

In other churches/settings - more often than not. Trouble is, there is so much responsibility and technical stuff to think about when worshipping in church, that I very rarely reach that depth of worship because I am nervous also. I have fretted about this but one guy in particular on another discussion on Worship The Rock has helped me to put this in perspective.

So now I am beginning to realise and accept that, at home, I worship, at church, I serve.


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