I've now been a worship leader for 56 years, and I think that makes me a geezer.  It almost makes me Yoda!  When I began, How Great Thou Art was not found in hymnbooks, and wouldn't be for another decade, until illegal Xeroxed copies began appearing, pasted to the inside cover of the hymnal. 

Today, I lead drum-driven, kickin' contemporary worship at 9 a.m., then slip on a choir robe and play a massive organ, and sing with the choir, occasionally presenting Psalms I have written, laced with African rhythms or folk-guitar.

I have been welcomed as a savior for churches wanting a fresh approach to worship music, and been quietly squeezed out by factions demanding some mysterious flavor called "cutting edge" in their music. 

OK, that's a bit of my history.  I began thinking that it was stupid to write about music, and smart to play and sing it.  Now I've come the other way around, and like to talk about it.  I'm especially interested in you geezers out there - don't have to be as old as me, but maybe have at least, say, 25 years doing this.  I'm interested in what developments you have scene, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually -- whatever might seem worthy of sharing -- that could be helpful, not just to smooth over the ruffled feathers of older musicians who feel left behind, but for the benefit of anyone, young or old, who might read this column.

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Which troll in particular would that be Greg?  Could you jog my memory?  I remember Stevo dealing with many a troll - they didn't stand a chance :)

Can't remember the name - very legalistic and irritating.  At least a few years ago.  You know, I can't even remember how long I've been on this site.  After all, I'm a geezer:)


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