hey, so my church is speaking about spiritual warfare for the next month. does anyone have any good song ideas that go along with that theme? last week we did A Mighty Fortress Is Our God and You Are Mighty. i'm not looking for the entire set to all be that theme, but a few songs that tie into it. thanks!

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Hi Leah,

Here's a few that came to mind:
Victory Song - Dale Garratt
Song of Ezekiel - Christ For the Nations Music
The Battle Belongs to the Lord - Jamie Owens-Collins
Shout Unto God (has "Enemy is defeated") - Darlene Zschech
Destined to Win - Degarmo and Key
Mighty Warrior - Debbye Graafsma
Victory Is Ours
The first verse says...
There is a war going on in the Heaven-lies between the powers of darkness and light
But through our worship we will be victorious His word has promised that we win the fight

Put your foot on the head of the devil
raise your hands with a triumphant shout
Greater is He thats living within us
The victory is ours

Its a good barn burner. I use it at least once a month...powerful

God Bless,
wow. talk about intense powerful words. thank you!
thanks for all the suggestions guys! it was very helpful. i'm a brainstorming person so sometimes even just hearing ideas triggers other stuff in my mind. i really appreciate it!
I agree with the comment about the Desperation Band's song "Overcome". One very effective way to use the song is after the "we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony...everyone overcome"...use the same chord progression with the band and if you have video capability go to very short video clips of how people in your congregation have overcome different obstacles by a relationship with Jesus Christ...if you don't have video capability, check out Card Board Testimonies on YouTube. We did those and those were some of the most powerful elements we have ever used in a service. They fit perfect with the song "Overcome".
Leah, one song we've recently added to our lineup is "Desert Song" by Hillsong. It is on the "This is Our God" album. The entire song is about praising God in the face of trials and warfare, both physical and spiritual. The chorus is "I will bring praise, I will bring praise, No weapon formed against me shall remain. I will rejoice, I will declare, God is my Victory and He is here." Love it. Such a declaration of God's power and strength.
How about "The Battle Belongs to the Lord." Great song!
try these songs...

battle belongs to the lord
sing to the king
shout unto God
How about "The Lord Is A Warrior"?
I know this is an old post but what about "What if His People Prayed" by Casting Crown (I think). We did that at a men's retreat and it really got the guys singing.
Not sure if it's too late. Not sure if you guys do gospel, but "Shake the Foundation" by Clint Brown really packs a whollup at our church EVERY time we do it (to tracks, if you can believe it)! Here's a YouTube link to a version similar to what we do (can't speak for the video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKSEH0Y4Sdc

Enjoy . . . when we did this "live", we got a resounding encore!!!! Rock on!!


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