My Church has a Praise and Worship Leader who has currently left his wife for a woman he has been cheating on his wife with for 2 years of their marriage. He has lied to the whole Church Family and told us all that His wife was the Adultress. He and his wife have been seperated for 16 months but he won't give his wife a divorce. He lives with his mistress who is not divorced and pregnant. He has also lost his job for sending sexual natured text messages to a female intern at his office. Should this man be allowed to continue to lead Praise and Worship? Is it not one of his duites to "Lead By Example?"

When replying please let me know where you are from and what Church you are a member of.

Thank you and God Bless You All!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I dont get what you are saying here.
"First of all we can't restore him nor can he restore himself."

Gal 6:1
Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.
What if this man does not repent and feels he is living his life right? He has already stated that God has released him from his marriage so that he can start over with his "NEW LIFE"!

My intentions are to help the Church as well as the Pastor see, that this situation is not in alienment with God's Word and that this sutuation needs to be corrected. If the praise and worship leader is taken down, maybe the restoration process can begin and the Church can move in a more positive direction. One can only Pray at this point.
Please do not take this as an attack. I do not mean it as such. I think many of the replies are very biblical and restoration should be the goal if the man has a repentant heart. But I am also wondering how is this information known? Did this come from the guilty party himself? If so was he repentant? Did this come from the Pastor's mouth?

All this being asked because we all know churches and how experiences are exaggerated. We must take action ONLY after knowing all the facts. I don't believe the whole church should know the details unless they are involved. I do believe the scripture that says 'if you sin before all you will be rebuked before all' but it all comes down to the attitude of repentance of the one who has sinned. If they are truly repentant then I don't believe the details need to come out before the church. I don't even believe those online should know the details. We have to keep secrecy if restoration is truly the goal. The discipline should be between God, the man and his spiritual leader the Pastor.

I hope I make sense.

This did not come from the guilty party himself. I was a Church member until the unfolding of the praise and worship leaders marriage fell apart, new mistress appeared, and became pregnant all unfolded in the church. As for the Pastor, he still allows this man to stand and lead worship. All of this goes against God's word. If you don't believe in what is happening in a church or what is being taugh when you know it is against God's word, you leave and I did. The Pastor will not discipline this man, if he would have maybe non of this would have gotten so bad and this far out of hand.
Hi again~

thanks for the kind reply. If the man's heart is not repentant (I must say this is key to restoration) and the Pastor has still not removed him, maybe it is time you find another place to worship. I would say by staying you would be endorsing the behaviour of both.
Yeesh! I cannot help but thinking of the story of Gideon when he was young, God told him to tear down the altar his father built to Baal and use the wood to make a burnt offering to the Lord. If you feel that not only the worship leader is corrupt, but also the pastor, maybe you could rent a bulldozer and go in at night like Gideon did. In this present day and age, you might go to jail for it, but you will have made an indelible point. The other option, if you are really unhappy there, is to count your losses, lick your wounds and do like Forrest Gump, just say you are done, turn around and go a new direction.


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