Is there anywhere (besides the back pages of our songbooks) that I can find Scriptures that fit a particular song? Am trying to tie in a time of reflection before we sing and I feel that meditating on Scripture might be the way to go.
Thank you in advance for your help x

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I have looked for that too. I'm not sure there is a resource of that nature. If there is, I'd like to know about it as well. Alot of times, I use scripture that God lays on my heart while planning the service.Of course that means you have to read your bible.... ALOT!
Go on line to, type in a phrase from the song you are doing and presto--the scriptures come up! Also look in your Strong's Concordance or whatever concordance you use! I've found that just quoting the scripture and then starting the song with no other comment is really effective...just let the Word do it's job! God bless you!
I have a Bible, which I think is no longer in print, it is often very helpful with worhsip lyrics and quotes in the side panels, it is "The NIV Worship Bible." It was copyrighted in 2000 by Maranatha.
ISBN# 0-310-92031-0, however Kevin has the answer: "... you have to read your bible.... ALOT!"

I might add, "pray and listen!"
Usually the question is asked the other way around, "the pastor is preaching on Hezekiah 3:5, are there any songs that go with that scripture?" I've done some data entry for, and I know that "scripture reference" is one of the fields we try to include for each song - but even there, it's often approximate. Not every song that includes the word "pasture" is based on Psalm 23, and even in the Integrity books, sometimes the scripture they print at the top of the page is NOT the one the song was based on... As Mary suggested, in this case, go to an online bible, type in one or two significant words from the song and see what comes up.

I would also think that your pastor could help out here - rather than worrying about scriptures that match the particular song, ask the pastor to suggest some scriptures each week that would tie into the SERMON, to the big theme of the service, and use those for your meditation time, even if they don't particularly match up to the SONG you're going to be singing...

If it's a Brian Doerksen song, he lists the scriptures for each song on his website.
Hi Kellyann,

Do you mean you're looking for songs around a particular scripture, or you've been given some songs and need to work out where in the Bible they come from?


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