Hey... I am spending a bunch of time right now updating our MediaShout library to include all the songs in our Hymnal (United Methodist Hymnal) and a songbook from our denomination ("The Faith We Sing").   Doing all sorts of cleanup, confirming copyright and licensing information, etc.  I have a whole separate machine here at home running MS so I don't mess up the working machine we have at church.

However... our church is still on MediaShout 3.5 .  Yeah, it's old, but it does what we need and an update would be a few hundred dollars.  Anyway: I have a request for somebody who is running a current or nearly-current version of MS.  If possible, do the export as a Windows Standard text file, not Unicode, but I can convert if I have to.

Assuming such a thing still exists, could you do a "text file" export of a few songs into a text file and attach it here?  I want to look at the format compared to what 3.5 is giving me to determine whether someone would be able to use my text export file to update a current version of MediaShout, should we decide to update it.  Just see what fields it exports, how they are formatted, etc.



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The attached file is an example of what a 3.5 text export looks like.  One song; obviously, some of the coding I'm doing is specific to our church and the licenses we have...

Title: Praise You
Author: Elizabeth Goodline
Copyright: 1983 New Spring Publishing
Song ID: F-2003
Hymnal: TFWS #2003
Notes: CCLI covered 863806
Groups: FaithWeSing
PlayOrder: Verse1

Verse 1:
Praise you, praise you;
Let my life praise you.
Praise you, praise you;
Let my life,
O Lord, praise you.
Praise you, praise you;
Let my life praise you.
Praise you, praise you; let
My life, O Lord, praise you.
Let my life, O Lord,
Praise you.



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